The Ultimate Operating System for Humans (OSH)

Learn a unique system for decoding your circumstances, upgrading your life and mastering your business, relationships, finances, health and career. Practical, powerful and fast-acting, this system goes to the core of human dysfunction to address the root cause of your challenges. It's universally applicable and is the key to personal and professional fulfillment.

Master your mind, resolve challenges, and reach your creative potential, on a one-way journey of radical transformation with Empowerment Catalyst Olga Sheean.

Contact Olga to arrange a complimentary Skype/phone chat, and find out how to powerfully manifest more love, money, ease, success and fulfillment in your life.

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NEW! Audio affirmations for finding love, powering up, and creating wealth.

Recorded by Olga, with gentle background music and life-changing insights. Change your mind about what's possible, and make it happen.

Olga Sheean – catalyst for change

Coaching and consultations
Olga uses a unique process of empowerment that enables you to take charge and create rapid, positive change. You’ll discover your subconscious drivers and learn a practical framework for upgrading your life.

Training and workshops
Learn a system of autonomy that boosts your finances, business, performance and relationships, while resolving conflict and self-doubt, and rapidly generating results. One-on-one, group or corporate training available.

Speaking engagements
Enliven your team, business or group with a customized seminar, presentation or interactive event by Olga. Whatever the format, and whatever the audience, Olga brings laughter, learning and enlightenment.

Writing, editing and publishing
Olga is a prolific, creative writer, a high-powered editor, and an experienced book publisher, focusing on human dynamics and self-responsibility. Her writing is designed to inspire, enlighten and empower.

Olga has been my rock. She has a unique talent for helping individuals find and overcome whatever blocks them from achieving their true potential. Her insight, support and encouragement have been the making of me. If you want to reach as high as you can go, then Olga is someone you should tap into.

Clodagh Hughes Managing Director, Motive8 Consultancy Services, Dublin, Ireland

Books by Olga

A Talk on the Wild Side
Imaginary interviews with all kinds of wiseguys—from dinosaurs to dandelions, mattresses to parking metres, popes to peanuts, toothbrushes to toilets.

Gut Feelings—The inside story
A quirky, off-the-wall story about the internal shenanigans of the body and the external dynamics of relationships. It's a madcap marathon, inside and out.

The Alphabet of Powerful Existence
A simple guide to empowerment. Resolve conflict, reprogram your mind, boost your self-worth and enhance your personal magnetism (two cover options)

Fit for Love: find your self and your perfect mate
The best emotional-fitness program you'll ever undertake. Filled with insights, illustrations, exercises, tips, techniques and inspiring stories. Find your power, your partner and more.

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