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Upgrade your life with a unique system for decoding your circumstances and mastering your business, relationships, finances, health and career. Practical, powerful and fast-acting, this system goes to the core of human dysfunction to address the root cause of crises and challenges.


Coaching and consultations
Learn a unique process of empowerment that enables you to create rapid, positive change. Take charge of your subconscious drivers and learn a framework for upgrading your life.

Training and workshops
Olga teaches a system of autonomy that boosts performance, finances and relationships. Resolve conflict and self-doubt and generate rapid results. Individual, group and corporate training available.

Speaking engagements
Enliven your team, business or group with a customized seminar, presentation or interactive event with Olga. Whatever the setting, Olga brings laughter, learning and enlightenment.

Writing, editing, publishing
A high-powered editor, creative writer, and an experienced book publisher, focusing on human dynamics and self-responsibility, Olga writes to inspire, enlighten and empower.

"Working with Olga was incredible. She is so rich with wisdom and incredibly articulate with her guidance and insights. I felt so seen and supported in our time together. It was a very powerful mind, heart, and eye opening experience. I highly recommend taking a journey with Olga if you have the chance."

Nicole St Michel Canadian Certified Counsellor

Olga's new novel

Olga Sheean's new novel is a story of grit, determination, loss and redemption. The Parents is a mystery–thriller that will transport you into a madly creative, profoundly inspiring, deeply human, yet magical reality that you won't want to leave... and will keep you guessing till the end. 

OTHER BOOKS BY OLGA (for a full list, click here)

A Talk on the Wild Side
Imaginary interviews with all kinds of wiseguys—from dinosaurs to dandelions, mattresses to parking metres, popes to peanuts, toothbrushes to toilets.

Gut Feelings—The inside story
A quirky, off-the-wall story about the internal shenanigans of the body and the external dynamics of relationships. It's a madcap marathon, inside and out.

The Alphabet of Powerful Existence
A simple guide to empowerment. Resolve conflict, reprogram your mind, boost your self-worth and enhance your personal magnetism (two cover options)

Fit for Love: find your self and your perfect mate
The best emotional-fitness program you'll ever undertake. Filled with insights, illustrations, exercises, tips, techniques and inspiring stories. Find your power, your partner and more.


Feeling under the gun? Don’t let the bullies win
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Politics: palliative care for a curable disease?
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Incubation, gestation and transformation: are you ready for freedom?
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The five layers of truth, and how to stop living the lies
-2- When we understand the deeper truth, we can make sense of a world that seems to have gone mad. We see what's really going on, beyond the corruption, misinformation and political spin. We can discern truth from lies and use challenges to transform and upgrade our lives.
From crushing crisis to fearless freedom: it’s time to heal our trauma and turn things around
–1–Once upon a time, you were a tiny bundle of joy, mischief and curiosity, freely expressing your needs and feelings.[...]
The Split: why we’ve lost consciousness and need to wake up
To reclaim our rightful autonomy and make sense of the world’s crises, injustices and destruction, we must understand the true[...]
This is evilution: and the sin spin goes on…
Millennia ago, our ancestors developed profound spiritual wisdom, cultivating enlightenment, unity and awareness of our pivotal place within a living cosmos… until the early Church State ground it all into the dust. Our ancestors died with the truth …and we are now living with the lies. Are we going to break this cycle?