10 amendments for a healthier, happier you

  1. There is only one truth faith—faith in self. With faith in self, everything is possible. It’s the key to fulfillment and to accessing your own innate spirituality. Having faith in something outside of yourself undermines your evolution and distorts your essential humanity, whereas having faith in self is like rocket fuel for your life, opening up a world of infinite possibilities. It boosts self-confidence, self-worth and self-respect, and it’s the pathway to balance, autonomy and democracy. As human beings, we’re meant to have faith in our ability to follow our own unique path.
  2. You are your own best guru. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that others have the answers for you. The answers you need reside inside you; you just need to be still, to spend time in nature, to listen to your body, to allow answers/support to come, and to question what beliefs truly serve youand change the ones that don’t. The problems you face are the result of not listening to your own inner wisdom or giving yourself the time or space to connect with your own intuitive guidance.
  3. God resides inside you and you are god. You have more power to co-create than you can possibly imagine. Respect this power and use it wisely. Don’t let your life be lived in vain. Know that you have the power to manifest whatever you believe you deserve, and that the only thing holding you back is your fear of authority or the belief that you’re not entitled or good enough to have what you want. Be the goodness and the godness that you are.
  4. Take time out to do nothing. Give up any struggle or push to make things happen. The body operates best when you respect its rhythms and allow it to rest, restore and receive in a natural cycle of ebb and flow, input and output, and giving and receiving. You’re designed to thrive and you have all the faculties, resources and skills to make your life work magically. Letting your body guide you and embracing ease versus struggle makes you a magnet for whatever furthers your growth and fulfillment, even if you don’t know what that is.
  5. Honour yourself and those around you. You’re a precious commodity, not to be squandered on those who do not share your values or on pursuits that do not promote your own well-being. Every choice you make is a reflection of how worthy you believe yourself to be, and it teaches others how to treat you. So make boundaries and choices that serve you, rather than trying to meet the needs/serve the agendas of others, in the hope of being acceptable to them. Being acceptable and respectful to self—and acting/speaking accordingly—is the most powerful way to attract acceptance and respect.
  6. Nurture life and all that is good in your world. Be mindful of how stress can create self-destructive cycles that bring you more of what you don’t want. Stress is the result of fear or need pushing you to over-extend yourself and to make compromises that do not serve you. Focus on the good in you and in your life; allow that focus to guide all your decisions and actions; and trust that your guidance is all that you need.
  7. Be unadulterated—and don’t be too adult. Remember to play and be silly. Allow your natural creativity to inspire, stimulate and enrich your life. Depression, cynicism and boredom come from forgetting how to play and how to live our lives as an adventure rather than an endurance test. Act young and cultivate the childlike innocence that keeps you questioning, exploring and seeking the wonder that’s all around you.
  8. Retain your own identity—and don’t let anyone steal it from you. You’re a separate, walking, talking unit of self-sufficiency, designed to operate powerfully and autonomously, without neediness or unhealthy dependence on others. You have arms for hugging and creating boundaries; you have feet for moving forward; you have a body for digesting life; you have a brain for resolving puzzles; and you have a soul for defining who you really are. Be fully you, and remember that love means honouring the real you, not losing yourself when in relationship with another. Love never steals; it always adds to what and who you are.
  9. Be honest with yourself and practise emotional honesty with everyone in your life. If you’re living a lie, you’ll attract a match for that. If you dare to show up as who you truly are, you’ll attract a match for that. Everything you are and do will be complemented by more of the same from others. You decide how honest you want to be with them—and how honest you want them to be with you, thereby setting the standard for all your interactions. Only with emotional honesty can you create depth, connection and intimacy with others. Only by being honest with yourself can you live a values-based life of integrity and meaning.
  10. Be grateful for what you have and don’t covet others’ stuff. Jealousy or envy implies that you don’t believe you can have what others have—and it often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Gratitude is magnetic and it implies a contentment with what is, which makes everything right and attracts more of the same. And who needs more stuff? It won’t make you feel any better about who you believe yourself to be. Yet feeling good about you enables you to create what you desire and deserve. If there’s a shortfall in love, money, ease, success or fulfillment, bring your focus back inside and remember that you will manifest the complement of whatever you’re demonstrating to the world. Feed your magnetism by being profoundly grateful for who you are, right now.
About the author

Olga Sheean is a former UN international civil servant, an author, editor, disruptive thinker, therapist and mastery coach specializing in human dynamics, creative potential and conscious evolution. She has documented the bio-effects of wireless radiation, exposing the widespread corruption within the industry, WHO and governments, and writes widely on the true drivers of human dysfunction and how to reclaim our autonomy.

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