Your 2020 vision

Create your vision using the form below and follow these simple steps.

1. Declare your vision with lots of passion and enthusiasm.

2. State the action you commit to taking to make your vision a reality. 

3. Write your vision in the present tense and visualize it as a reality now. Feel grateful for it, as this draws your reality to  you.

4. Meditate/focus on it for 15 minutes daily.

Your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, choices and actions all have a very real impact. Consciously transforming them in positive ways will feed your ideal future reality.

Before you start...

We look forward to hearing about your vision,
and to sharing and promoting it all over the globe. Individually, we are powerful.
Collectively, we are unstoppable. 

Let’s show the world what we’re made of and what magic we can create when we unite with a common purpose.

Remember: if your vision isn't madly exciting and seemingly almost impossible, you're probably not thinking big enough!

Okay, let's go!

Once you've filled out this form, we'll send you a copy. 

Post your vision and intended action somewhere visible in your home/office so you can focus on them every day. 

You might want to add some images or words to keep you passionately engaged in your vision, since your emotions have their own powerful magnetism, attracting whatever you think, 
feel and imagine most strongly.

If we share your vision, we will only use your first name. Otherwise your data will not be shared with anyone.