A message for you, from the Destiny Dealers

We’ve recently been informed of a certain dereliction of creative destiny and we’re taking this opportunity to set things straight before too much destinational damage is done.

Firstly, we should introduce ourselves. We are the Destiny Dealers—a bit like those who deal you a particular hand in cards (but nothing like the second-hand-car-dealer variety). We deliver a certain number of destiny options to each and every human on Earth. Your destiny options are awarded on the basis of innate personality traits, individual gifts, and the number of challenges you’ve been given to overcome (with these last two often being in direct proportion to each other). Most beings have 4–6 main destiny options, all of which are designed to build particular strengths and to generate particular lifestyle/fulfillment outcomes. The ultimate goal of every destiny option is, of course, to achieve the fullest possible expression and exploration of the self, coupled with the maximum dosages of humour, creativity and love.

In order for you to better understand both your destiny dereliction and your destinational purpose, we would like to point out a few fundamental principles governing human destiny. There are three categories of principles: finite, infinite and oppositional.

  • Under the finite heading, we have time, willingness and directional force (aka momentum).
  • Under the infinite heading, we have energy, ingenuity and love.
  • Under the oppositional heading, we have resistance, fear and self-rejection.

The first two sets of principles must work together in order for destinies to be fulfilled in powerful, meaningful ways. When they work together, with the finite always being fed by the infinite, they create miracles. Time stretches when fed by love; willingness is enhanced when fed by ingenuity; and focused directional force (forward movement resulting from action) is accelerated when fed by creative energy. When time, willingness and momentum are nourished with energy, ingenuity and love, the result is always explosively positive. But this powerful synergy is prevented whenever the oppositional forces of resistance, fear or self-rejection come into play. When this happens, they cause the finite factors to diminish, so that a lack of directional force undermines energy and willingness, and a lack of ingenuity and energy undermines directional force and time. The oppositional forces of resistance, fear and self-rejection are designed to de-rail the individual on his or her destinational path so that they must fight to get back on track. How willing they are to fight will determine how well they fulfill their destiny—and how quickly they use up their Destiny Options.

Now that we’ve given you some context, we must advise you that you have used up 4 of your 6 Destiny Options, and you’re currently in the process of decimating option #5. This means that you have only one remaining option, when this one has been used up.

Let’s look at this current option and the personality traits, gifts and challenges it involves. These are the key personality traits you’re currently grappling with in Destiny Option #5:

  • stubbornness
  • a belief in hard work and struggle
  • low self-worth
  • a deep desire and need for (and fear of) recognition, wealth and success
  • a lack of faith/belief in self and one’s abilities
  • a sense of responsibility for others

These are the gifts you’ve been given to explore and use in this option:

  • unique talents and skills
  • the capacity for creative, abstract thinking
  • a mind designed to find solutions and create innovative approaches
  • the capacity for love and connection
  • an ability to touch hearts and bring meaning to the lives of others
  • a quest for meaning, self-expression, recognition and fulfillment.

These are the challenges you’ve been given to overcome in this second-last Destiny Option:

  • challenges with financial resources
  • diminishing options and/or mixed results from your attempts to succeed
  • seeming indifference or lack of appreciation among potential clients/others
  • relationship challenges, creating additional pressure/expectation
  • a large dose of resistance, fear and self-rejection

We’ve been watching you, and we see that you’re in direct dereliction of your destinational duty—at great cost to yourself. Even though you still have one Destiny Option left, we do not feel that, at this advanced level of your evolution, you are doing yourself (or us) justice. Consequently, we do not want you to fail at this stage, as we’re all too aware of the potential for greatness to be manifested in this fifth round. In addition, we feel that your dedication to love should be rewarded, in some way.

Take a look at all three lists above and find the commonality in them. When you find it, you will realize that it is your essence, your gift and your challenge. It’s the key to your success and fulfillment, and it’s the means by which you express and explore yourself, as well as being the vehicle through which you share yourself with the world. It’s the answer and it’s also the part of you that you’ve avoided in all your preceding Destiny Options. If you embrace this essence/gift/challenge in this current Destiny Option, you will not only reach an exceptional level of fulfillment, recognition and success in this round, but you will graduate to Destiny Option #6 with unimaginable rewards and happiness.

Bonus features: Certain deserving individuals are given bonus features in some of their Destiny Options, and these features provide additional clues as to the nature of the individual’s destiny. Available bonus features in Destiny Option #5 are: a partner who really believes in you; universal enthusiasm and support for  your talents/skills; and a gift that’s universally valid and recognized. As if you needed more hints.

This is your destiny reading—a reading rarely given, since destinies are meant to be discovered. Disregard it at your peril (we don’t like wasting our time). Embrace it and you will thrive. Our principles are clear and unequivocal. They cannot be messed with and they will always win. Make them work for you and we will help you. Remove the resistance, face down the fear, and to hell with the self-rejection. The time is now. This is your destiny. You will not be hearing from us again but we’ll be watching you.

—The Destiny Dealers

About the author

Olga Sheean is a former UN international civil servant, an author, editor, disruptive thinker, therapist and mastery coach specializing in human dynamics, creative potential and conscious evolution. She has documented the bio-effects of wireless radiation, exposing the widespread corruption within the industry, WHO and governments, and writes widely on the true drivers of human dysfunction and how to reclaim our autonomy.

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