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Olga Sheean is an author, educator and empowerment catalyst specializing in healthy human dynamics and creative potential. She is dedicated to activating the power of you and transforming the negative subconscious programs that drive your circumstances, relationships, performance, self-worth and success.

Jan 07

A message for you, from the Destiny Dealers

By Olga Sheean | Beyond Belief: exposing the deeper truth , empowerment

We’ve recently been informed of a certain dereliction of creative destiny and we’re taking this opportunity to set things straight before too much destinational damage is done. Firstly, we should introduce ourselves. We are the Destiny Dealers—a bit like those who deal you a particular hand in cards (but nothing like the second-hand-car-dealer variety). We […]

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Jan 04

Accountability in business: where do you stand?

By Olga Sheean | Beyond Belief: exposing the deeper truth , empowerment , respect

I recently signed up with a local business-networking  group—a first, for me, and a useful experiment. The owner seemed very keen to help, promising ‘free perks’ and great benefits, in return for a rather hefty membership fee, even though her services were less substantial than those offered by other networking groups in the city. What […]

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