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Jun 18

Medical bullying: is your doctor making you sicker?

By Olga Sheean | crises , dysfunction , health , problems , respect

Visit any busy doctor’s waiting room and check out the vibe. Can you detect the almost palpable excitement among those patiently waiting—an electric anticipation of the soon-to-be-dispensed medical compassion, enlightenment and blessed relief from whatever ails them? Can you sense their certainty that all will soon be well? While you might catch a whiff of […]

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Mar 04

Six steps to healthy growth in 2015

By Olga Sheean | breakthroughs , empowerment , health , self-mastery , Uncategorised

Forget about dieting, becoming a better person or increasing your finances. Instead, focus on being more you, this year. It’s not only a lot more fun, but also healthier, more sustainable and more rewarding—while incidentally bringing you the enhanced well-being, abundance or fulfillment you may be seeking. What works for you may not work for […]

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Jan 28

I’m just a baggage-handler…

By Olga Sheean | acceptance , challenges , crises , empowerment , humour , missing pieces , safety , subconscious programming , Uncategorised

At last. After months of planning, saving and working overtime, you’re finally doing it—going to Thailand to explore the exotic Asian culture, ride in rickshaws, and eat some really good Pad Thai. As your plane prepares to land, you pull out your notebook to check your plans for Day 1. But when you get to […]

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Jan 12

Are you a Smartass?

By Olga Sheean | challenges , dysfunction , health , human dynamics , humour , love , relationships , Uncategorised

A new kind of relationship dynamic may be coming soon to a Smart phone near you: e-divorce. But it’s not about getting a divorce online; it’s about having to get a divorce because you’re online—constantly checking e-mails, sending texts, updating your Facebook account—and, in the process, losing any kind of meaningful connection with your partner. […]

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