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The Gamechanger Primer course: FREE for everyone

This course includes eleven lessons, with video, audio and downloadable worksheets.

Pamela Post, journalist

Olga Sheean’s work steers us back to our formidable power to transform our lives for the better. All relationships are a reflection of the primary one we have with ourselves. This work is neither complex nor theoretical. It is practical, transformative, empowering and very good for your health.

Reclaim your freedom and autonomy with this FREE course

A primer for my advanced Gamechanger course, this introductory course will show you how to fill in your ‘missing pieces’, resolve personal challenges, and have a powerful impact on your world.

Whether you’re a scientist, an educator, an activist, a businessperson, a parent or a student of life, the dynamics are the same for everyone, and the tools and techniques in this course will enable you to generate positive, lasting change—as long as you do the homework. 

Make sense of the scenarios in your life and learn a system for mastering your mind, taking charge of your circumstances and orchestrating your own destiny. A simple yet transformative process that will give you a completely new understanding of you and your world—and how to leverage the power of both.

We want governments to power down and stop controlling us, yet it is we who must power up to regain full control of ourselves, our health, our freedom and our autonomy.


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Claire Edwards “This book made me laugh and cry, reflect on this troubled world of ours and change my perspective. Infused with compassion for our human condition, it offers deep insights and the perfect solution for these challenging times. The messages are so tailored to answering our need to understand our current plight that I feel this book can only have been channelled as gifts to humanity for this time."

The Parents—a novel for our time

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When Marnie, Matt and Lucy discover that their quantum physicist parents have committed suicide, leaving no note, no explanation and zero inheritance, it turns their lives upside down. As they deal with the shock and try to figure out what happened, they encounter other inexplicable, disturbing events.

Marnie suspects their work was somehow related to a mysterious global cellphone syndrome, which ultimately replaces digital dystopia with a unique system for enhancing human and planetary evolution.

The story concludes with an unexpected twist that shocks the three siblings, opening up a whole new world of unimaginable possibilities.


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Theodora Scarato, Environmental Health Trust “Olga Sheean takes us on an intimate personal journey. Along the way, she challenges us to cultivate our deeper truth, reconnect and choose love. Our relationship with technology is like nothing our society has ever faced, and only we can cure our own addiction. I’m so thankful for this book.”

A FREE digital copy of EMF off!

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The most holistic, enlightened approach to EMFs out there, this book is a unique blend of wisdom, humour, personal experience, hard-hitting science and quantum physics, presenting a compelling case for a complete rethink of how we live. Backed by solid scientific evidence and a deep understanding of human dynamics and spiritual connectedness, it explores the biological, psychological, neurological, emotional and environmental impacts of wireless connectivity, revealing the true drivers of crises and opening the door to a new way of living. Discover how to restore self-governance, upgrade your life and leverage the power of your mind. Rather than being victims of the governments and industries to whom we have surrendered our authority, we can safeguard our hearts, our humanity and our home, while elevating ourselves to our rightful status as super-humans.