​Mind-expanding, life-enhancing consultations

Olga is offering transformative programs 
(with a complimentary ​copy of her book EMF off!)
from now until end May 2019.

In our irradiated, technologically driven world, we are being challenged to personally evolve like never before. If you are truly committed to moving beyond what you currently think is possible, this work can take you there.

​Olga works at the subconscious level, helping people break free of limiting cycles, develop their personal magnetism, and upgrade all aspects of their lives. Whether you’re grappling with EMF-related challenges or personal issues, you can change your situation, regardless of what might appear to be happening in the world.

The work is magical yet practical, giving you a unique understanding of why your life has unfolded the way it has, what your challenges represent, what you're being called upon to do to resolve things, and how to do it.

Olga Sheean: changing minds, changing lives

In private practice for over 25 years, Olga coaches people worldwide and has published over 300 articles on relationships, creativity, ​conscious evolution, EMFs and enlightened living. She is ​the author of six books, including Fit for Love​; The Alphabet of Powerful Existence; Tell ​Me the ​Truth; and EMF off! A call to consciousness in our misguidedly microwaved world.

Click on the link below to e-mail Olga. She will send you an empowerment questionnaire to fill out and will arrange for a Skype/phone chat to answer any questions you may have about the work.