In her 30 years of private practice as an empowerment coach, relationship counsellor and holistic therapist, Olga Sheean has developed her own unique framework for personal and professional fulfillment. Combined with her extensive experience as an author, writer, editor, columnist and publisher, Olga is an effective communicator who knows how to reach and engage her audience through the written and spoken word. In seminars, presentations and interactive workshops, she is always happy to share her techniques, wisdom, breakthroughs and stories with those wishing to become more empowered in their lives.

Based in France, Olga is available for local, national and international speaking events and engagements. As a seasoned globetrotter, she has spoken and presented to many groups and at various conferences—in Switzerland, Ireland, Canada and the United States.

To find out more about hiring Olga as a speaker, presenter, trainer or workshop facilitator, please e-mail her by completing the form below to arrange a Skype or telephone conversation.

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