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Incubation, gestation and transformation: are you ready for freedom?

Look around you. What do you see? Is there joy, confidence, health and expansive optimism? Is there a sense of excitement and endless possibility? Or is there fear, dread, illness, uncertainty and retraction?Do you see our world getting progressively better, cleaner, more beautiful and more enlightened? Or do you see it being increasingly denatured, polluted, […]

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YOU: before and after. Who are you now?

who are you now?

Who are you now? Who have you become, as a result of all the confinement, fear-mongering and restrictions? And who do you want to be? Are they one and the same?Are you a better, wiser, more conscious person than before, or are you less than you were? Have you been diminished by this or have […]

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Will you be kicking yourself?

Will you be kicking yourself

Lately, I’ve been kicking myself a lot. I don’t normally recommend this, as it can be bad for self-esteem, but I’ve been doing it 100 times a day or more, for the past two months, and it feels surprisingly good.I lie on the bed on my back, put my legs up in the air at […]

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10 amendments for a healthier, happier you

There is only one truth faith—faith in self. With faith in self, everything is possible. It’s the key to fulfillment and to accessing your own innate spirituality. Having faith in something outside of yourself undermines your evolution and distorts your essential humanity, whereas having faith in self is like rocket fuel for your life, opening […]

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Are you human? Take the test

The Humanity Index The Humanity Index is a way to gauge your willingness and capacity to be a decent, fully functioning, powerful human being — with a sense of humour and with the magnetism to attract what you want. It will provide a measure of how engaged you are in life, how committed you are […]

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