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Coaching + consultations

Olga has developed a unique system for decoding your circumstances and enabling you to make breakthroughs in your relationships, business, finances, career and health. Practical, powerful and fast-acting, this system works for everyone. Whether you’ve lost your job or direction, your marriage has ended, you’re short of money, you’re depressed, ill, tired of struggling to survive, or simply in search of a better life, the solution is here.

Whatever is not working in your life is a direct reflection of the aspects of your negative subconscious programming that are asking to be addressed. Your programming determines the quality and direction of your life, and it causes you to attract particular partners, challenges and circumstances. It can stop you from having an abundance of love, money, well-being, ease, success and fulfillment. But when you understand how it works and you work with it, you can experience extraordinary breakthroughs, emotional freedom and success.

When you understand your programming, your life makes sense.
When you transform it, your life works.

In a private consultation, Olga will explore your internal dynamics, the components of your particular early programming, whatever physical/emotional issues you face, and what they all represent. Practical solutions and simple techniques will then be provided, enabling you to generate the results you want. Choose from several options: the Empowerment Intensive, the Relationship Exclusive, Mini-monster sessions, the Commitment Combo and the LifeChanger. Individual follow-up sessions and customized training/coaching options are also available.

What this work can do for you

  • learn a powerful system for understanding and mastering your life;
  • break free of unhealthy cycles in your relationships and life;
  • build a strong sense of identity so you don’t lose yourself in relationships;
  • interpret your body’s messages;
  • understand the impact and purpose of your subconscious programming;
  • break free of reactive coping mechanisms;
  • fill in your ‘missing pieces’ so you attract what’s been missing in your life;
  • resolve conflicts with yourself and others;
  • eliminate co-dependence, self-doubt and limiting fears/beliefs;
  • reconnect with the parts of yourself that have been suppressed;
  • attract the kind of partner, financial abundance and success that you want; and
  • greatly enhance all aspects of your personal and professional life.

You will also receive specific homework, tools and exercises so that you automatically start to attract and create what you want.

To book a session with Olga, to arrange a free telephone/Skype intro, or for more information, please e-mail her by completing the form below.


The Life-Changer (TLC): a power-packed three-month programme

This truly life-changing course extends over 12 weeks, providing personalized coaching designed to create deep and lasting breakthroughs in your life.

It is a journey of self-discovery, healing and personal empowerment, tailored to your unique requirements. It begins with a two-hour intensive consultation, in which Olga assesses your negative subconscious programming, physical health, personal issues, relationship dynamics, and any other factors that are preventing you from thriving and loving life. You will learn the foundational principles for your growth, healing and self-mastery, and will receive specific homework and techniques for creating profound and rapid changes in your life.

This is followed by 12 weekly 60-minute consultations providing support, guidance, insights, inspiration, tools and practical homework to deepen the process, keep you on track and ensure that you achieve the breakthroughs you want. You will learn additional techniques for rapid transformation, for enhancing your creativity and for increasing your personal and professional fulfillment.

What’s included

In addition to the intensive personal coaching, you will receive a comprehensive workbook, two of Olga’s books (Fit for Love and The Alphabet of Powerful Existence), digital recordings of each session, customized techniques for transformation, access to a private page/blog for additional resources and assistance, and ongoing support via e-mail in between consultations. You will be given specific assignments to complete between sessions and may also opt to connect with a ‘buddy’ (another client on the programme) to share ideas, insights and progress.

Part I: Private two-hour consultation

The initial consultation includes a comprehensive, personalized exploration of your emotional and relationship issues, as well as any physical, environmental or work-related factors that may be affecting your success or well-being. You will discover your particular relationship dynamics, how your subconscious programming has been affecting your love life, finances and work, and why your life has unfolded the way it has. You will learn about your subconscious ‘drivers’ and your ‘missing pieces’ so that you can start to create the abundance, success and fulfillment that you want.

Olga provides you with an in-depth assessment of the issues to be addressed on your journey and the foundational steps required to get you started. Many clients compare this to a psychic reading as it reveals many hidden issues as well as your untapped potential. In this session and throughout the course, you will receive specific homework for breaking out of old patterns and positively reprogramming yourself for success on all levels.

The session will be digitally recorded and very specific practical homework and exercises will be provided to counter your negative programming and to generate positive, tangible results.

Part II: 12 follow-up weekly one-hour private sessions

Each consultation takes you deeper into the process of personal transformation, working with the shifts and new challenges/opportunities resulting from the preceding work.

Many shifts occur as a result of doing the ‘homework’ provided in the initial consultation. You will learn and evolve with every step, seeing many positive and unexpected changes as you go. These follow-up sessions keep you on track while helping you to adjust to the new dynamics and relationships evolving in your life. Physical and emotional factors will be re-assessed as you grow, heal and move forward.

Changing your subconscious programming and adopting new habits can be challenging without the right kind of support, motivation and insights. The weekly consultations ensure that you keep making rapid, permanent changes in all areas of your life, while staying motivated and on track so that you do not slip back into old, self-defeating patterns. This ongoing support is crucial to creating sustainable change and success.

Olga has an extraordinary ability to access and suggest practical solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems. Her amazing insights and wisdom helped me reassess my personal life and career path and had an extraordinary impact in a very short time. Olga’s keen awareness, loving support and uncanny intuition have enabled me to transform myself and my life. Thank you, Olga.

—YH, Vancouver, BC

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The Life-Changer

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Coaching + consultations

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