From crushing crisis to fearless freedom: it’s time to heal our trauma and turn things around


Once upon a time, you were a tiny bundle of joy, mischief and curiosity, freely expressing your needs and feelings. Then… stuff happened. Some of your needs were not met, your pain or distress was ignored. You learned fear, and you learned to suppress your feelings in case you got into trouble.

Life wasn’t as much fun any more. You realized it was not okay to be you, to express yourself, to be loud, to be angry or do what you wanted. So you did what others wanted, containing and hiding what you really felt. It was not okay to experience intense emotions, so you put a lid on them. Getting passionate, being playful, making a mess… not okay. You were told what to believe, what to expect and how to make yourself acceptable. You felt shame, guilt, anxiety, resentment, anger and all kinds of conflicting emotions that you couldn’t understand or fix. They started piling up, but you got good at keeping them inside, switching off, finding ways to distract yourself from the pain or comforting yourself with food.

Thus began a lifetime of negative programming that prevented you from being or even knowing the real you—from expressing, loving and sharing yourself, from making healthy choices or thriving creatively in the world. You can’t blame your parents, because the same thing happened to them; they just passed on what they had been taught… to stay safe. The scene is set for all kinds of compromises, relationship problems, illness, crises, anxiety, low self-worth, self-rejection, emotional pain and a deep inner conflict between the persona you’ve been told to be and the real you that’s desperate to break free.

Why we’re running scared

No surprise, then, that we now live in fear, fueled by generational trauma that prevents us from understanding the deeper truth, processing our pain, taking assertive action or bravely creating the world we want. Instead, locked in the illusion of subservience, we wait to be granted freedom by some external authority, while adapting, conforming and complying… to stay safe.

In a time of divisiveness that challenges our most basic human instincts of trust, companionship, connection and healthy communication, how do we find a healthy way forward? If you find it hard to envision a positive future—or any future at all—and if you feel a sense of dread, hopelessness or panic, hang in there. There’s a good reason for feeling that way—a reason that goes beyond current circumstances, to the you buried deep within, waiting for you to reclaim it.

The fear and panic stoked by the growing global dictatorship is the result of our collective unresolved trauma—the only reason that draconian government measures have been able to gain such a foothold in our lives.

The fear and panic stoked by the growing global dictatorship is the result of our collective unresolved trauma

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Trauma can result from shock, loss, emotional neglect, an accident or injury, a scary situation or event, or anything that pains us emotionally and is not processed or resolved. It can show up as panic, numbness, withdrawal, emotional paralysis, hyperactivity, chronic stress, anxiety, insomnia, an inability to think clearly, and staying stuck in survival mode or a fight-flight-freeze response. It may be so deeply rooted that we cannot see it for what it is. We merely react to it, unaware of how it drives us, distorting the truth, deepening our dysfunction, and preventing us from healing age-old wounds. We distract ourselves from the pain it creates. We may deny its existence, focus on external things, find comfort in foods/drugs/entertainment or operate on autopilot. Yet the trauma itself is the real epidemic, pervading and shaping our collective psyche and having a far greater impact than any virus, disease or crisis.

Sound familiar…?

Despite our fervent claims that horrors of the past would never happen again, history is indeed repeating itself. This is because we have not healed our collective trauma from the brutal religious indoctrination of our ancestors or from more recent transgressions such as the Holocaust. We’re still passing it on to our children, and still consuming it in the form of war movies and re-enactments of historical events that keep recycling our pain. Movies feature conflict, terrorism, loss, dystopia or cataclysmic events, without revealing or resolving their underlying drivers. Yet the conflict that drives all crises, drama and dysfunction is an internal one: the conflict between who we have been programmed to be and who we truly are.

Why we stay small

Over-stimulated by stress, fear, self-doubt and low self-worth, we become emotionally numb and no longer feel truly alive without the ongoing stimuli of drama or crises. Adrenaline makes us feel emotionally charged and engaged, but it keeps us stuck in a loop of diminishing returns, eroding our health, depleting our reserves and disconnecting us from our hearts. Stories of blissful enlightenment or utopia may seem downright boring, by comparison …if we can’t relate to it or have never experienced it. Nor have many of us known the wondrous rewards of being a fully actualized human, living our greatness in a magical, deeply loved life.

Only when we remove the distracting stimuli and allow ourselves to reconnect with our hearts, transform our dysfunction and find inner peace, can we reconnect with our super-humanness.

Stuck in a loop of loss

Without that deeper understanding, we subconsciously feed our fear, which is now being amplified by a manufactured pandemic designed to violate our rights and freedoms. As legal and democratic ‘safety nets’ are stripped away, we are challenged to face our fears and transcend them, so we can finally confront, process and heal our collective pain. Only then can we be truly free and empowered.

It’s not governments that are keeping us prisoners; it’s our mental programming, with trauma begetting more trauma, dysfunction, conflict, disease and despair, beyond our conscious awareness.

Crises are the symptoms of dysfunctional programming that perpetuates collective trauma.

We may not care about what happened to our ancestors, yet their trauma remains active in us today. It is not past, done with or finished. We are re-living various forms of that trauma every day—existing in survival mode, living in fear, afraid of being powerful, of speaking up, of standing our ground, of not making enough money or of being good enough… creating a private living hell, rather than the heaven on earth that is our true evolutionary birthright.

If we grew up in a loving environment of unconditional acceptance, respect, validation and worthiness, our fears and insecurities would likely be minimal, triggered only by a very real and present danger. Without that kind of enlightened upbringing, however, we continue to carry the programming of our parents, their parents and their parents before them… unless we break that chain and start to embody those life-affirming missing qualities in ourselves, to finally heal the legacy of dysfunction.

What will your legacy be?

We must transcend our fears and reactivity, return to love, go inside and confront the negative beliefs that have distorted our sense of self, making us easy prey for those who seek to exploit us and feed our fear so we submit to their disempowering dictates.

With an understanding of generational programming, we see why we’ve disconnected from our true nature, autonomy and humanity. When we understand that the unconditional acceptance, loving kindness and mutual respect that are missing in our traumatized world are also missing inside us, we see how to heal by giving ourselves what others, out there, are failing to give us.

The winners write the history; the losers live the lies

Just as the truth about our current situation is being censored, distorted and misreported, the reality endured by our ancestors underwent the same process of egregious falsification. This is why it is so crucially important that we seek the deeper truth about our super-human nature. We are not losers… we’re just temporarily lost in the confusion of our programming.

We are miraculous creators with vast, untapped higher capacities for creating the life we want.

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The truth is simple and it will set us free… once we realize that it’s not the truth about what’s being done to us that matters, but the truth about our essential humanness. We are miraculous creators with vast, untapped higher capacities for creating the life we want. Embracing, embodying and celebrating that will enable us to reclaim our health, freedom and autonomy, profoundly transforming ourselves and our world.

Sing yourself a new life song

We must shake up our senses to shake off the shakedown. Shout out your appetite for love. Feed your mind a new story. Fling your heart open. Breathe in some brazenness. Spring yourself a surprise. Tank up on truth serum. Laugh down your demons. Love yourself free. Be the you you dream of. Only you can bring you back.

Trauma is no laughing matter, although laughter can lighten the load. But we also need compassionate support, skilful heart-holding, reminders of who we really are, and meaningful connections to our tribe. In reaching out, and healing together, we can turn the separation of trauma into heart-healing connectedness.

We must not fear love or love fear

Fear and crisis can blind us to life and love, and fear has tremendous energy behind it—energy that is squandered on worry, negativity and stress. We can put that energy to much better use by channelling it into transformative thoughts and actions. I could encourage you to: Focus on the world you want; Elevate your thoughts and emotions; Access your inner wisdom; and Re-connect with your higher calling.

But I prefer: Forget Everything And Run!


Forget all the lies about you not being good enough, powerful, worthy or up to snuff.
Forget all that programmed crap and petty-minded meanness.
Forget about being obedient and constantly compromising.
Forget who you should be, and be unapologetically you.


Everything that’s good, beautiful and loving in the world is who you are.
Everything that elevates your spirit is there for your fulfillment.
Everything that makes you smile makes everyone else smile too.
Everything you long to be is everything you deserve.


And you are deserving
and more than good enough 
and lovable and worthy 
and unique and creative 
and designed to thrive in whatever loving world you choose to create.


Run! …towards the brave new you that’s waiting.
Run your own business, run a marathon, run a mile or just run up and down the stairs to invigorate your body.
Run your own mind, your own feelings, your own life.
Run rings around anyone who tries to box you in or put a lid on you. Most of all, run YOU.

If you don’t run you, someone else will ruin you, and the only difference between the words RUN and RUIN is the letter I. So let the I make a meaningful difference.

When you face down the fear and use that energy to fuel body, mind and heart, you can see what’s missing and start to turn things around.

  • If you see withdrawal, engage.
  • If you see condemnation, validate.
  • If you see pain, share your heart.
  • If you hear complaints, feel gratitude.
  • If you feel despair, make your unique contribution.
  • If you feel isolation, connect.
  • If you see fear running the show, show up fearlessly loving.

All the clues are out there and all the answers are in you.

We are in this together so we can heal and evolve together, for a world of win–win wealth and wonder. Through empowered, active creatorship, we learn to master ourselves and take back control of our lives.

This is not a crisis meant to take us down; it is our ultimate call to greatness.

Check out Olga's new book, which goes more deeply into the issues mentioned in this post. Find out, in detail, how humanity arrived at the point where it is, what effect the journey has had and how we can build a better future for all.

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Number 2 in this series will provide some practical tools for resolving trauma and reconnecting with self.]


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About the author

Olga Sheean is a former UN international civil servant, an author, editor, disruptive thinker, therapist and mastery coach specializing in human dynamics, creative potential and conscious evolution. She has documented the bio-effects of wireless radiation, exposing the widespread corruption within the industry, WHO and governments, and writes widely on the true drivers of human dysfunction and how to reclaim our autonomy.

    • Thank you, Margreet! I hope you find the series helpful. We are all in this together, and the more we unite with a clear vision of the world we want, while healing our own wounds, the more we will connect in heartfelt ways and the more we will love life.

    • Only we can stop this, Marina. If you read some of my other blogs, you will start to see how we have taken ourselves to this place – and how we are being challenged to reclaim our autonomy and freedom. No one else can give us those things; we must claim and embody them ourselves.

  • Wonder-ful my dear Olga! We are indeed great, we are all one, we are all love. We should love unconditionally and do business that way too. Sharing shall save the world. There is enough food for every human if we share. If we change this consumer society into a creative society, there are enough resources too. Mother earth is abundant.

  • Perhaps you and your followers would be interested in “Activate Humanity” website, started by Dr. David E. Martin…..people from all over the world joining to make a difference in the direction this planet, and the spirit on it are going…just a thought. The more the better I say.

    • Wayne, I’m only just seeing this message now. Forgive me for not replying sooner. I’ve connected with the Activate Humanity group on FB and look forward to finding out more. Yes, indeed — the more the better. Thank you for sharing.

  • With the treat of looking forward to a long overdue catch-up with you today, I made the time to consider your wonderful project and message here – as always, it’s PLATINUM and so very timely! – “Sing yourself a new life song!” — YES!!
    And, if YOU don’t run YOU, then THEY will RUIN you! – YES indeed… — this inspires me to look deeper into the philosophy of finding our tribe as well as aspects of establishing an Intentional Community – YES!! — Thank you for you, dear Olga – wishing you a sunnier and saner New Year! xoxoxo

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