Sick and tired of trying to make life work? Evolve your health, your self and your reality

Health challenges have been persistent messengers in my life. Sometimes acting as a wake-up call, sometimes as a reminder of the need for self-care, but always as a push towards a deeper truth. The effects of wireless radiation have been the most insistent messengers of all, pushing me to greater depths and heights than I could ever have imagined, and compelling me to completely rewrite my own story.

I could have bought a small tropical island with what I have spent on my health over the past three decades—and perhaps lived happily ever after. Sunbathing and swimming would probably had done me a lot more good than taking a million supplements and trying to convince doctors to just say NO to drugs. Instead, I took the path less travelled—a path with deep undergrowth, dead ends and few signposts—acquiring some hard-won wisdom and arriving at a few look-out points that gave me a whole new perspective on life. I realized just how little we understand the true nature of reality… and human nature.

As 5G and other wireless technologies are rolled out across our fragile planet, causing disease, social dysfunction and despair, we are being pushed to evolve our understanding of true health, healing and personal mastery—beyond the realm of nutritional supplements, high-tech devices, vibrational healing, integrative medicine, epigenetics and even quantum physics.

Consciousness is the clincher

As a mastery coach promoting conscious evolution, I believe consciousness holds the key to resolving personal and global crises. Yet we need a practical framework for activating, embodying and leveraging that consciousness. As an EMF activist for the past seven years, I see that the root cause of global crises is not being addressed. I may have helped raise awareness of the dangers of wireless radiation, but the dangers persist and are growing, while many of us get stuck in a loop of struggle, blame and conflict—challenging the authorities, while grappling with the never-ending fallout from our broken, misguided system. But the power to influence my reality resides in me, and I knew I was being pushed, yet again, to find a deeper truth.

I chose not to avoid a void…

I made a conscious decision to open up to a more evolved version of myself, even though I had no idea what that might look like. While holding a vision of a healthy body and environment, I let go of my EMF activism, negativity and anything to do with 5G or other scary phenomena—creating a void in which I dwelt for several months, enjoying some stillness and trusting that something else would come in to fill the space I had created.

And it did, introducing me to an entirely new dimension of healing, with the potential for radically changing everything. It seemed almost too good to be true, yet it provided many of the missing elements, while making sense of our reality in the most fundamental way. It’s an approach that goes to the core of our existence, working with DNA and primordial sound to activate every level of our being—seamlessly, progressively and without us necessarily having to meditate, do endless parasite/heavy-metal cleanses, resolve painful childhood trauma or otherwise make it happen.

Rewrite your story—ener-genetically

The Regenetics Method is a form of Era III medicine (see diagram below) designed to reset the human bioenergy blueprint, which co-founder Sol Luckman calls “the art and science of ‘ener-genetically’ rewriting yourself”. His story is a compelling one, to which many will relate.

Sol was an athlete, a scholar of literature and an award-winning Ivy League fellow, destined for great things. As an academic and an intellectual, however, he had zero interest in—or awareness of—holistic health or spirituality. But all that changed when he was given hepatitis and yellow fever vaccines before travelling to Brazil. He became very ill, developing multiple food and chemical intolerances, becoming increasingly depleted and eventually being forced to abandon his stellar career. (He subsequently discovered that vaccines damage DNA, causing autoimmune disease, allergies and many other conditions.)

Like so many who have grappled with autoimmune diseases (including those caused by wireless radiation), he tried countless therapies, diets and healing modalities, to no avail. After years of research, shamanic initiations and mystical insights, Sol (in collaboration with his partner Leigh) developed a potentiation process involving sound and light codes for activating potential DNA, which led to profound healing and vibrant good health.

​Three eras of medicine

​Era ​I



physical power




subconscious mind


domain of matter

coding DNA

nature (DNA)

genetic fatalism

​Era II



power of positive thinking

​head (brain)



​conscious mind (ego)


​light domain (space-time)

​proteins (cell membrane)

​nurture (environment)

​genetic self-determination

​Era III



​power of positive feeling




super conscious mind (Higher Self)


sound domain (time-space)

potential DNA


​"intelligent design​"

Evolutionary direction of medicine --------->

​Source: Sol Luckman, Potentiate your DNA

The three eras of medicine were first described by Dr Larry Dossey (former chief of staff for a major Dallas hospital), in his book, Reinventing Medicine: Beyond Mind–body to a New Era of Healing. He outlined the evolution of medicine from the animalistic Cartesian thinking of the seventeenth century, which saw the body as pure matter with fixed genetics that determined an individual’s health (Era I), to a mind–body approach that acknowledged the power of the mind and the ego (Era II), and thereafter to an increasingly conscious approach operating in nonlocality (the unified field of energy described in quantum physics). Sol Luckman further developed the concept, incorporating his heart-driven meta-genetic form of healing, which goes beyond the two previous approaches based on genetics and epigenetics.

Don’t junk your junk…

In his research, Sol discovered that only about 3% of our DNA is thought to be used in the construction of our living organism. Existing in every cell, DNA contains the instructions needed for our bodies to develop, survive and reproduce. Its sequences are converted into messages used to produce proteins—the complex molecules that do most of the work in our bodies. The remaining 97% was, until recently, considered to be junk DNA, since scientists had no idea what purpose, if any, it served. Referred to as potential DNA in the Regenetics model, so-called junk DNA has been proven to be capable of recoding our genome and restoring our genetic blueprint.

DNA has also been shown to respond to language and sound, and the Regenetics Potentiation process combines both, using specific frequencies, in a specific sequence. As described in Sol’s book Potentiate Your DNA: A Practical Guide to Healing & Transformation with the Regenetics Method, the process activates healing on all levels. Reported benefits have included promoting release of toxins and trauma, boosting life-enhancing source energy, relieving allergies/leaky gut/IBS, enhancing relationships, promoting creativity, abundance and self-mastery, and elucidating one’s life purpose. The process also promotes unity consciousness, helping us to see and feel our inherent interconnectedness.

The beauty of this approach is that it restores the body to its original uncorrupted ‘factory’ setting, recalibrating our whole system and bypassing the need to keep grappling with the fallout from toxins, upbringing, inadequate nutrition and/or emotional/spiritual dis-ease.

Total system de-frag

The process initiates a flow of transformative source energy, which moves through the body’s energy system (auric fields and chakras) in a particular sequence. As it progresses, it also seals what Sol calls the “fragmentary body”—a disruption in the second energy centre that typically results in vulnerability to all kinds of parasites, which can include needy people who may drain or deplete us. As this rupture is sealed during the Potentiation process, a spontaneous detox occurs, with parasites (as well as vaccine-related toxins and pathogens, heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins) being eliminated from the body. 

The Hitchhiker’s Guide was right: the answer is 42!

The Potentiation process is complex and multifaceted, with benefits unfolding over a 42-week period, in different ways for everyone. One of the most commonly reported effects is the healing of autoimmune diseases such as IBS, leaky gut, allergies and Crohn’s, resulting in individuals being able to resume normal lives and greatly expand their diet. Many individuals also report elimination of parasites, toxins and other contaminants, as well as the healing of emotional trauma and physical injuries, enhanced awareness, more energy, greater financial abundance, and freedom from chronic fatigue, anxiety, hormonal imbalances and depression.

​The Hitchhiker’s Guide was right: the answer is 42!

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For me, while undergoing Potentiation, physical tingling at the top of my head indicated that some powerful energy had just arrived, and I felt a very real sense of peace and calm pervade my body. Since then, I also have a lot more energy and stamina. But the most significant shift so far (almost a month later) relates to sleep. Since 2012, I have been seriously sleep-deprived, sometimes going an entire month without sleeping at all. Now, sleep urgently grabs hold of me and takes me deep. It’s as if some cosmic surgeon says, Okay, take her under… and then starts working on me. Something good is definitely happening.

Looking forward to the rest of my life

As for wireless radiation, I do still feel it when I go out, but I am less affected by it and I look forward to it being a non-issue—in me and out there in the world. Since all life is about energy frequencies, elevating our own frequency via DNA Potentiation may enable us to build resilience to external toxins, including EMFs.

But what about the planet, you might ask… and you should. Focusing exclusively on protecting ourselves, without taking responsibility for our impact on the earth, is not a viable way forward. If we choose to heal and fully activate our bodies, minds and hearts, however, thereby enhancing our consciousness and sense of interconnectedness, we reconnect with the power of nature, our deeper selves and each other. In activating our potential, we begin to appreciate what it means to be a fully activated human being. And only then can we powerfully create the world we want.

“​When we activate our potential,
we potentiate our actions.

Olga Sheean

This is evolution—our primary purpose and responsibility. And personal responsibility is crucial, as healing ourselves affects everything and everyone else, since we are all part of the universal energy field. Mindful of our interconnectedness, Sol has made the DNA Potentiation process available free of charge—providing a step-by-step process (in his book and on his website) for doing the Potentiation oneself. (Or you can pay a Potentiation facilitator to do it for you.) The process involves intoning a specific sequence of vowel sounds while ringing a tuning fork with a particular frequency (528Hz—known to repair DNA). These two elements combine to restore our biological blueprint, triggering a cascade of healing and transformation over the ensuing nine months. [See my next blog, on the health benefits of tuning forks: Ready for your 2020 tune-up?]

Heart versus head… like it used to be

Those who get twitchy at the mention of anything woo-woo might be interested to know that our early ancestors led deeply spiritual lives, communing with nature and the living cosmos, cultivating self-actualization, and being guided and inspired by their hearts.

This culture of enlightenment resulted in many significant inventions and breakthroughs (including the basic principles of computer science) that are today considered to be scientific yet were originally the result of our ancestors’ spiritual disciplines. When the early Church intervened, however, demonizing the spirituality and wisdom of antiquity, and forcibly imposing its own tightly controlled mental constructs, we lost touch with our hearts and spirits, growing progressively more analytical in our thinking and processing of life. 

“​Some of the greatest works of art—and

life itself—come from universal intelligence:
the cosmos of light and sound.

Olga Sheean

​Our limiting beliefs can keep us stuck in our heads, rejecting the idea that we could possibly be the conduits or co-creators of divine magnificence or masterful existence. As was the case for Sol and countless others (including me), we are sometimes forced to shed our mental blinders so we can see the bigger picture.

Are you ready to take charge of your own life?

As with all forms of self-mastery/empowerment, we play a pivotal role in our own potentiation. We must want it, embrace it and have a heartfelt commitment to our personal evolution. Plus, as Sol explains, positive emotions benefit DNA, making it stronger, healthier and more amenable to activation. Fear and anger, on the other hand, can negatively impact DNA, making it less available for activation through consciousness.

Are you ready to take charge of your own life? Potentiation can benefit everyone.

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The Potentiation process won’t turn you into an angel overnight, with impeccable boundaries, no more bad hair days, a pure heart and a squeaky-clean emotional slate. It does, however, have the potential to transform you and your personal reality.

Some call it revolutionary; I call it evolutionary—a cosmic game-changer, a coming home to who and what we really are, and a huge relief for weary souls seeking to reclaim themselves, transcend their limitations and find true health, peace and joy in their lives.

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Olga Sheean is a former UN international civil servant, an author, editor, disruptive thinker, therapist and mastery coach specializing in human dynamics, creative potential and conscious evolution. She has documented the bio-effects of wireless radiation, exposing the widespread corruption within the industry, WHO and governments, and writes widely on the true drivers of human dysfunction and how to reclaim our autonomy.

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