Fit for Love: find your self and your perfect mate

Olga Sheean's best-selling book on relationships now available as a limited-edition full-colour print version. 

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Finding and activating the real you has never been more important.

We have all been programmed with fearful, limiting beliefs about who we are and what's possible, but the truth is something else altogether. Transforming your negative programming puts you back in charge of your life, opening up a whole new world of possibilities—far beyond what seems logical or realistic. 

Don't waste another precious minute being someone you're not, living a life you don't want.

This fully illustrated guide provides the most rewarding emotional-fitness program you could ever undertake, generating more breakthroughs and miracles than you thought possible. Filled with grounded wisdom, exercises, practical techniques, catchy full-colour illustrations* and inspiring case histories, Fit for Love takes you on a journey of revelation, healing and self-reclamation, showing you how to transform the fears, projections and negative beliefs that have prevented you from being fully you and living your best life.

Discover how to powerfully create what you want, reclaim your autonomy, enjoy lasting, healthy relationships, and upgrade all aspects of your life.

* Original illustrations by artist Lewis Evans

A practical and insightful book that reveals how our relationships are powerful pathways to self-realization and personal fulfillment.

—John Kehoe, author of Mind Power into the 21st Century

A road map for creating successful, healthy, loving relationships. I only wish I had read it 45 years ago! Read this book before going out on any more dates. Fit for Love creates breakthroughs in all areas of your life.

—Michael Bradford, author of Hands-on Spiritual Healing and Soul Empowerment

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Get your limited-edition, personally signed copy of Fit for Love

This edition is limited to 120 numbered, full-colour, illustrated copies of Fit for Love, filled with insights, inspiration and practical ways to build your perfect relationship; each one with a personal message and signed by Olga Sheean.

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"Full of wisdom and good advice."

—Publishers Weekly

Fit for Love
Fit for Love