The five layers of truth, and how to stop living the lies


Years ago, I saw a cartoon of a chiropractor talking to his patient. “The problem with your back,” he tells him, “is your front…” and he points to the patient’s large belly, which is pulling his spine out of alignment. It’s a good metaphor for our times, since we are looking in the wrong place for what ails us, failing to make the connection between what is happening out there and what is happening inside.

In the current epidemic of conflict and divisiveness, it all appears to be happening out there, in our external environment, beyond our control. Yet those external dynamics are driven by a fundamental inner conflict—a conflict between who we have been programmed to be and who we truly are. This tragic mismatch manifests as relationship issues, rejection, insecurities, neediness, abuse, corruption, wars and condemnation of self and others. And the corruption we see out there is a reflection of the corruption of our true human state. Resolving that inner conflict is therefore the only way to resolve the rampant disease, dysfunction and despair in our world, so we can heal and regain control over our health and our lives.

Our current state of programmed dehumanization
is the real Deep State that we need to address.

How we outsource our lives

We have progressively separated from our super-humanness—deferring to external authorities, losing faith in ourselves, believing that we are unworthy/unacceptable (which causes us to reject self and others), living in fear and self-doubt, and disconnecting from nature and our own innate wisdom.

As a result, and over many generations of negative programming, we have progressively outsourced all of our needs and faculties to external authorities, losing ownership and control of crucial aspects of ourselves, and surrendering responsibility for every key aspect of life:

by buying from supermarkets and eating processed foods, vs eating natural, organic wholefoods from farm coops, farmers’ markets or our own gardens

by relying on harmful wireless devices that further disconnect us from ourselves and each other, vs heart-to-heart connections, human intuition and telepathy (yes, it’s possible!)

by depending on industries that exploit and deplete our natural resources, vs eco-excellence, earth-friendly choices and putting planet first

by deferring to external government authorities, vs self-governance and leadership in our own lives

by choosing convenience and comfort, vs daring, self-directed autonomy

by relying on doctors and pharmaceutical drugs, vs our own immunity and nature’s potent medicines

by accepting political spin and/or religious dogma, vs thinking critically, using our own wisdom, inner guidance and spiritual prowess.

While we might believe that we can think for ourselves, we are actually programmed to limit our thinking and to defer to external authorities, so we don’t realize that our minds are not our own. It’s easier to be subservient than empowered, and even if we have a feeling that this may not be right, we may doubt that we can take charge of our bodies, minds and lives. Yet that is what we must do if we are ever to thrive as nature intended.

Because we want the ‘authorities’ to make things right,
they can make things as horribly wrong as they like, since we have given them that power.

All the external props we use (wireless gadgets, pharmaceutical drugs, processed foods) only take us further down the rabbit hole of dysfunction and disease. Yet they show us what is missing inside—and what we must do to get back on track with our health and humanity. Whatever we see as missing or wrong in our world is what we must embody and address in ourselves.

As within so without…

If we look at what is being done to us, we see that we are doing all of those same things to ourselves and each other: violating boundaries, not respecting our own values, avoiding emotional honesty, blaming and shaming, over-extending ourselves and harming our health, not eating properly, living in fear/stress/anxiety and putting ourselves down. We have been so thoroughly convinced of the lies programmed into us that we cannot see the truth of who we are or of what is really going on.

The deeper truth of our super-humanness

Unless we know the truth about the nature of reality and our true human nature, we cannot find lasting solutions to the problems we face.

We all operate from different layers of the truth, depending on our awareness. But being highly aware of circumstances is not the same thing as being aware of the deeper truth about who and what we really are.

The superficial layers of truth can be confusing because they seem real, yet they are merely what we are programmed to perceive, without understanding what lies beneath. Most people live their lives in the top layer or two, unaware of the deeper dynamics driving their circumstances.

The five layers of truth

  1. 1
    circumstantial truth: our circumstances, taken at face value, considered to be just random chaos, a matter of bad/good luck, or just the way things are.
  2. 2
    subjective truth: what we make those circumstances mean about us—we’re not good enough, a success/failure, important/unimportant, deserving/undeserving, lovable/unlovable etc.
  3. 3
    objective truth: what those circumstances really represent—a reflection of what is missing or distorted in us, and of the power of our beliefs to generate our personal reality.
  4. 4
    purposeful truth: what we are being called upon to do, in the face of challenges, where they are designed to take us, once we understand what they really represent—the physical manifestations of our thoughts (which are electrical), and our emotions (which are magnetic)—and how to consciously re-program our minds and engage our higher faculties to generate the outcomes we seek.
  5. 5
    essential truth: recognition of our true essence as creators, beings of consciousness and an integral part of the living cosmos with direct access to universal intelligence and its infinite possibilities.

When we understand the deeper truth, we can make sense of a world that seems to have gone mad. We begin to understand what is really going on, beyond the corruption, political spin and misinformation. We can discern truth from lies; we can interpret the symptoms of crises and challenges; and we can use those challenges to transform and upgrade our lives. We can make sense of relationship issues, health challenges, career or money problems, and whatever else prevents us from thriving as we are designed to do.

Questions to ponder

  • At what level of truth do you feel you normally operate?
    You may be at different levels for different aspects of your life, depending on your perception of the world, your sense of what’s possible and what you have been programmed to expect. Reflect on this and any resistance you might feel to believing in the essential truth about you.
  • What objections come up for you?

If we find ourselves trying to prove the validity of our limited beliefs, it’s important to remember that we all attract circumstances that reflect what we believe, so it’s easy to get stuck in a loop of self-fulfilling prophecies. Unless we understand that, we end up building a case against ourselves, accumulating 'evidence' of our failures or our inability to be powerful, to confirm that things really are that way. If we can ‘blame’ things on external forces, we don’t have to look at what it might mean about us. But if we keep coming back to the essential truth (and when we start showing ourselves just how true it is, accumulating exciting new evidence of its validity), then we break the cycle and life becomes a whole new ball game.

The deeper truth sets us free. Not the truth about what governments are doing to control and harm us; not the truth about what’s really in the so-called vaccines; not the truth about the hidden agenda driving the paranoia and compliance; and not the truth about the science, data and mortality rates. It’s the truth about how we got to this place of sanitized subservience; how our programming has set us up to be disempowered and easy prey; and who and what we really are, as powerful, multi-dimensional creators being pushed to reclaim our phenomenal true nature and to be all the things (and more) that wireless technology and artificial intelligence are attempting to be… without us.

Our current state of programmed dehumanization is the real Deep State that we need to address.

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Fear is the only thing keeping us from seeing the deeper truth. Our fear of harm, stoked by threats, alarmist messaging and enforced confinement, generates trauma that scrambles our brains, freezes us emotionally and makes us reactive, irrational and defensive. There are several layers to our fears, just as there are several layers to the truth, and an excess of one leads to a deficiency of the other. If we look at the fears generated around the plandemic, we can see how they disconnect us from ourselves and from the deeper truth.

Four layers of fabricated fear

The first layer relates to the physical circumstances—a respiratory virus that seems to be spreading like wildfire (yet, in reality, affects only a tiny percentage of the most vulnerable populations, similar in mortality rate to the seasonal flu).

The second layer relates to the way this virus has been whipped up into pandemic proportions, generating a frenzy of fear and blind panic in the population, causing many individuals to disregard all logic, reason, intuition, facts and scientific evidence.

The third layer relates to the resulting defensiveness and reactivity, which takes several forms: 1) condemnation of those who do not accept the official narrative or comply with government directives, including vaccination; 2) survivalist strategies among the dissenters, for coping with totalitarian control; and 3) a deepening divide between us and them, breaking down social cohesion and all the precious, natural, wonderful things that make life worth living.

The fourth layer relates to the subconscious fear that the lies we have been programmed to believe about ourselves (I’m not good enough, important, lovable etc) will be exposed, even though they hide the deeper truth of our super-humanness. For as long as we believe those lies and live reactively to what’s coming at us, they will continue to erode our humanity and destroy the fabric of our society.

Fabricated fear or the deeper truth: which will you choose? One blinds us to the other and we can only see clearly once the fear has gone. A fear-driven life is like an inverted pyramid, with a nugget of deeply buried truth upon which a whole world of lies and dysfunction has been built.

We can only see clearly once the fear has gone.

Questions to ponder

  • What does fear prevent you from doing in life?
  • How does it affect your relationships, your choices and how you feel about yourself?
  •  What would you do, right now, today, if you had no fear?

If only…

Only when we understand that the harm is intentional do all the imposed health-eroding, contradictory measures make sense.

Only when we understand that the intent to harm is due to the dysfunction bred into us over generations of negative programming do we realize that we have all played a part in creating global crises.

Only when we understand that we are collectively responsible for our lives and our world do we realize that only we have the power to turn things around.

And only then can we start to see that that’s what we are being pushed to do and that’s what this is really all about.

Principles for staying on track with the truth:

  1. We cannot resolve a global crisis unless we heal the collective dysfunction that caused it. As part of that healing process, we must demonstrate and embody the key missing qualities that have led to the crisis: self-responsibility, faith in self, truth, compassion, consciousness, emotional freedom, community, spiritual connection and love. Those things can only come from inside, driven by the same dynamics that influence our personal reality. We must also: dissolve the inner conflict between who we really are and who we are programmed to be; stop living the lies and open up to the deeper truth; heal our trauma and restore faith in self; cultivate peace inside and out; and put planet first.
  2. Challenges push us to discover, reclaim and express our full selves, but they also present a roadmap for moving forward, since they are the direct result of how we have been programmed to think, feel and behave. Once we understand how and why we attract certain situations, people and challenges, in accordance with how we’ve been programmed, we can start to attract the outcomes we want, regardless of external circumstances.
  3. When we work properly, everything works. The bad guys are not the cause of the problem; they are merely taking advantage of our fears, insecurities and disempowerment. Even if they were brought down, it would not magically heal our lives or make us healthy, wealthy, successful, happy, free or fulfilled. All of those things come from inside, once we heal the trauma resulting from our pre-programmed dysfunction.

This is not a crisis meant to take us down; it is our ultimate call to greatness.

Questions to ponder

  • In what ways could you take greater responsibility for your life and make more conscious choices? 
  • If you had total faith in yourself, what would you do with it?
  • What do you think your current challenges might be pushing you to do, bearing in mind the truths, fears and principles mentioned above?
  • Imagine all the bad guys gone. Now what? What life/world do you envision for yourself? What would you do to make it better?
  • Our way back to being truly human

    Can we tap into our humanity, opening hearts and minds to the deeper truth of what is going on inside us all, shedding our fears and limiting beliefs, and uniting in positive efforts to create a better world? We can… if we are brave enough to see past our programmed projections and get out of our own way. Because it’s not about who’s right or wrong; it’s about recognizing that we have lost faith in ourselves, nature, our bodies, our immune systems and our innate ability to thrive.

    It’s time to heal the cycle of generational trauma that has undermined our humanity, fulfillment, freedom and love of life. When we heal our collective wounds, regardless of our ancestry, we not only find peace and a deeply liberating self-love, but also the joy of being masterfully in charge of our own evolution and destiny. There has never been a greater need for us to do this crucial work.

    It’s not about going back to normal; it’s about going beyond where we’ve ever gone before, shedding our negative programs and elevating ourselves to a place of natural thriving and fulfillment, fueled by solid worthiness, love of self and others, and a belief in our ability to create the lives we want.

    Practical steps you can take:

    Write down the answers to your questions and make a list of the practical things you can do to start changing your mind about what’s possible and activate some dormant parts of you. If you sense resistance or objections coming up, try to look at them objectively; could they be part of your negative programming, designed to keep you small and powerless? That’s usually the case, but we can choose to work through that resistance rather than letting it keep us stuck. There is always a breakthrough on the other side.

    Want to work on the questions offline? No problem! You can download them here: 

    Feel free to share your thoughts, ideas and feedback in the comments below.

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  • Always enjoy your posts Olga. It’s a good discipline to read things you are pretty sure you are going to disagree with. I found this aspirational which is difficult to object to, but practically unhelpful. Again you are dismissive of doctors. So here’s a question for you: Do you know anyone who would not now be alive now were it not for their doctors? Apart from your husband. And yourself?

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