Gut Feelings

A body odyssey with guts, attitude and a bellyful of laughs—a quirky off-the-wall story about the internal shenanigans of the body and the external dynamics of modern-day relationships. Nowhere else will you learn about lymphomaniacs, the real purpose of your appendix, or the spiritual significance of chocolate cake.

You'll laugh as you learn about how your body really works—and all the chaos that unfolds when you are stressed, eat the wrong foods, work too hard, have sex and get invaded by nasty parasites.

This book is a madcap marathon through fact and fiction, adventure and enlightenment, mix-ups and makeovers, inside and out. With the growing worldwide trend towards greater self-responsibility, this is the perfect gift for someone you love—or someone who just doesn’t get out much.

This book is a masterpiece—a humorous, all-encompassing, richly informative study of human beings that enlightens and educates the reader in a very digestible way. I recommend it for everyone over the age of 12. I also see it as an educational tool for teachers who are educating young adults on the challenging topics of health, self-responsibility and emotional well-being— topics that this book makes very accessible and fun.

—Aviva Roseman, MA (Young Adult Literature)