Incubation, gestation and transformation: are you ready for freedom?

Look around you. What do you see? Is there joy, confidence, health and expansive optimism? Is there a sense of excitement and endless possibility? Or is there fear, dread, illness, uncertainty and retraction?

Do you see our world getting progressively better, cleaner, more beautiful and more enlightened? Or do you see it being increasingly denatured, polluted, diseased, commoditized and dehumanized?

Do you embrace these challenges as springboards for growth—going deep inside, trusting yourself and your wisdom, seeking healthy solutions based on what feels right? Or do you become fearful, numb, defeated and sick with worry, praying for a vaccine to keep you safe or wishing someone would make it all better?

Anyone who uses fear to diminish or control you is not your friend. Governments and religions have used this tactic very successfully for centuries, and what you are seeing today is the direct result of that deliberate disempowerment. 

A true friend—and any well-intentioned, democratic government—empowers you, supports you in knowing who you really are, tells you: You can do this! and shares the journey towards a better place.

When all the usual external props and supports are stripped away, and when governments fail to protect, serve or empower us (instead, doing the very opposite), we are left with only self. Self is all we have and all we ever really have that we can rely on.

We are designed to be self-sufficient, with all the brainpower, ingenuity, wisdom, creativity, resilience, spiritual prowess and strong immune systems we need to find answers to whatever challenges we face. Those answers are rarely found out there in the world of symptoms resulting from a deeper wound—symptoms that are perpetuated by us constantly looking outside for the answers and relying on governments to fix things, rather than exploring the underlying cause and working together to address it.

We are the answer. In our very nature lie all the answers. But we have largely stopped looking there because we have largely disconnected from who we really are. 

In this time of enforced isolation (if we disregard the fear-mongering designed to keep us diminished and beholden to our jailers), we may get to see that. We may be imprisoned in our homes, but our hearts and minds are still free. When all those outward distractions are stripped away, if we seize that opportunity for stillness, we may come back to centre, truth and our own power. We may catch a glimpse of our true nature or get a fleeting sense of what it feels like to be peaceful, powerful, connected to everything, trusting in our higher capacity to master our own lives and our right to challenge those who disempower us.

So many of us have not only lost sight of our dreams and life’s endless possibilities, but no longer even have a vision of a life we would love. Our energies, attention and resources are invested in dealing with anxiety, illness, corruption, conflict, debate, struggle and loss, rather than the excitement, vitality and gratitude that come from living and investing in a reality we can ourselves create.

When we lose our emotional elasticity, due to the endless push and pull of lies, spin, corruption, oppression and fake concern for our health, we don’t realize we’re no longer reacting. We think we are acting—debating, debunking, decrying, denouncing, persuading, sharing and scaring on social media—yet we are often merely expending our precious energies to distract ourselves from our inertia. In arguing among ourselves, outraged at the injustices, we play right into the hands of those working behind the scenes to do whatever they choose to do.

For comfort, we may burrow into our cell phones—our very own personal self-destruct devices. They might feel like a lifeline, but they are the very opposite.

We are oblivious to the predator that stalks us
because we don’t realize we are prey.

Sadly, we rarely see the powerful aspect of ourselves, because we are too focused on the resulting drama to realize that we ourselves create it. And, the more we feed the drama, the more symptoms, the more crises and the more drama we get. It’s a downward spiral, yet the very same principles apply to creating an upward one.

So, think about what you see, because what you see and focus on is what you will keep getting. If you envision a worsening, scary world of control, restriction and violated human rights, you will feel fear and think paralysing, health-eroding thoughts. But if you envision and take action towards the kind of world you want—pre-living and pre-loving it with all your heart—that is the world you can ultimately have.

As cell biologist Dr Bruce Lipton says: “Thinking is an active agent engaging change on this planet. We must have new thoughts. The thoughts of fear about COVID etc [are] actually distorting who we really are and creating a bigger problem.” And that, he says, “is a scientific reality.”

New thoughts, new conversations, new focus and new feelings. This is what our planet needs and what we all need—from each other and for each other—to see beyond the dysfunction that is bringing us down and to take ourselves back up to where we really belong.

Feel, contemplate, sit in stillness and choose to envision, feed and focus on the life you want.

Remember what being human really means.

About the author

Olga Sheean is a former UN international civil servant, an author, editor, disruptive thinker, therapist and mastery coach specializing in human dynamics, creative potential and conscious evolution. She has documented the bio-effects of wireless radiation, exposing the widespread corruption within the industry, WHO and governments, and writes widely on the true drivers of human dysfunction and how to reclaim our autonomy.

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