February 20

Liability, lie-ability or viability: which will you choose?

There is a growing interest in natural law, personal empowerment and spiritual enlightenment—all good stuff that should already be an integral part of our lives. We should be free to make our own choices and live on our own terms… provided we don’t harm people or planet.

Several initiatives have grown out of this desire for personal autonomy—such as Life Force Canada, the InPower Movement, and The Sovereign’s Way. All three advocate (among other things) using natural law to enforce personal rights and hold wrongdoers liable for their actions (using Notices of Liability, for example).

Yet their approach is inherently flawed, due to an incomplete understanding of universal laws and the power and purpose of our subconscious programming.

There is really only one law or deeper truth that matters: what we demonstrate in our lives is based on what we believe (or have been programmed to believe). Transforming our negative programs transforms our personal reality (along with our thoughts, emotions, perceptions and behaviour), generating the outcomes we seek.

We may therefore have difficulty creating positive outcomes if we have not addressed the negative programs driving our circumstances. Nor can we win against those causing harm if we ourselves inadvertently cause harm (as most of us do), while claiming to be standing up for what’s right. It defies the nature of reality, the law of cause and effect, and simply won’t work.

Only when we master our minds and take full ownership of self can we attract the good stuff we want and create an enlightened world that works. We are always attracting a reflection of what we subconsciously believe about ourselves, resulting in specific thoughts, emotions, fears, behaviour, insecurities, expectations and projections about life, all of which directly affect our circumstances.

Unless we understand this and actively address it within ourselves, we will continue to attract the conflicts, crises and hardships designed to get us to see what’s really going on, inside. We cannot take back our power, become sovereign beings, or unhook from the system of control if we don’t know how to activate our power, how to fully own ourselves or how to create our ideal reality by demonstrating the qualities we wish to see in it.

Failing to do so will cancel out all our brave words, good intentions and rallying cries for activism.

No matter how spiritually evolved we might become or how much good we might do, we cannot turn things around if we put our fears, addictions and convenience above health, survival and the viability of our planet.

Where accountability starts

Activists urging us to hold the bad guys accountable for their actions will have little impact… if they themselves (and their followers) demonstrate the same lack of personal accountability, along with many of the other qualities and behaviours that they denounce in the so-called authorities. They cannot succeed unless they walk their talk and truly empower themselves—not because that sets a good example for others to follow, but because our beliefs and behaviour determine our personal reality.

A perfect example of this is the filing of Notices of Liability (NoL) against the wireless telecom industry for the worldwide harm it is causing.

The harm caused by microwave radiation to personal and planetary health is indisputable. There is no doubt about that harm; there is only denial among those who profit or benefit from it—the industry itself, the governments selling licences, WHO (a broker for Big Tech and Big Pharma), cell-phone and other wireless-device users, and those promoting and profiting from products/services to protect cell-phoners from the same wireless radiation that they themselves are generating. It is delusional to think we can bring down an industry that we are actively supporting—paying them to provide a service upon which most people have become dependent. And blaming the industry or governments for making us dependent on cell phones is like blaming a dealer for getting us hooked on drugs.

Moreover, if we are financially supporting that same harmful entity, and causing harm via the same technology that they are deploying, with the same damaging effects for which we are holding them liable, isn’t it then not only a conflict of interest but also an impossible win, the pot calling the kettle black, a ‘claimant’ calling attention to his/her own wrongdoing, a snake swallowing its tail, a hedger of bets playing both sides of the game…?

Many EMF activists fail to understand what is truly driving things and can end up pushing people in the opposite direction from what’s healthy and empowering, catering to their fears and co-dependence, while feeding their own.

I take this personally, as everyone should, since we depend on our shared planet for everything. How much longer will we just assume that our viability is forever guaranteed?

Cell phones = cell towers = destruction of personal + planetary health

In 2019, after speaking at the 5G Summit organized by Josh del Sol, I was looking forward to him giving up his cell phone and urging his followers to do the same, to create a positive shift.

Sadly, he chose not to—a precious opportunity missed. He now promotes strategies/devices for people to protect themselves from the wireless radiation they themselves are generating.

For those advocating action against wrongdoers, here are some questions to ask themselves, if they truly are committed to health, freedom and sovereignty… yet may, in reality, be out of integrity with their stated mission and values.

  • Having a cell phone generates a legal requirement for cell towers everywhere, which harms everyone. How do you reconcile this with a mission of causing no harm and taking responsibility for self? Where is the leadership in that? Where is the future?
  • Making/receiving calls opens up a channel at neighbouring cell towers; the more calls and the more data downloaded, the more voice and data channels required. If you’re a cell phoner, how can you walk your talk, promote sovereignty and empower others… if causing harm? 
  • Making a call in a remote areawith weak coverage is effectively a call for service in that area, ensuring that the few remaining ‘white zones’ are being progressively wiped out. How do you justify putting your needs, convenience and financial gain over the health, safety, prosperity and viability of life on Earth?
  • Promoting ways to protect oneself from self-generated cell-phone radiation deepens their addiction, while distracting users from their personal responsibility for their actions—and the power they have to change things. How can you encourage people to denounce those causing harm, while encouraging them (via self-protective devices/services) to continue harming?
  • Paying your monthly cell-phone bill ensures the progressive proliferation of cell towers so you can make calls wherever you go. Why would you want to bring down the wireless industry, if you profit from its devices and from the harm it’s causing, and if users love you for catering to their co-dependence, playing both sides (activist + seller) so you win either way?

Our justifications for cell phones are as self-serving and dishonourable as the ‘bad guys’ saying the Great Reset is for the greater good.

Additionally, we need to be aware of the bigger picture and how cell phones form the lynchpin within a much broader agenda designed to take away freedoms, control transactions and livelihoods, impose dangerous health protocols and ultimately control every aspect of our lives.

When you think in those terms, along with the progressive damage to our planet, how can we possibly justify owning a cell phone?

Dysfunctional leadership: doomed to fail

Let’s look a little more closely at the concept of filing an NoL. If we file one against an entity that’s causing harm, yet we ourselves are causing the same kind of harm, wouldn’t that promote a hypocritical double-standard that is guaranteed to backfire and embody the very opposite of the integrity and personal responsibility that would inspire others to likewise empower themselves?

True leaders lead by example. If we embody the same destructive, dysfunctional dynamics as the unscrupulous governments and industries we denounce, what does that make us?

Why would any harmful industry or wrongdoer stop doing what they’re doing if we are all doing the same thing, thereby showing them how to treat us and what we think we deserve, rather than doing the very opposite of what they do? Only by doing that can we effectively promote life force vs their brute force; become truly sovereign so we do not depend on them or their technologies; and take back our personal power, rather than relying on the ‘power’ of their harmful devices, which they could deactivate anytime they wish…

The only viable way forward

The only honourable, effective way to turn things around is for us to address our dysfunction and embody the healthy, respectful, planet-friendly choices and lifestyles that create a demand for healthy alternatives to toxic products/services, while promoting prosperity, conscious collaboration and natural, enlightened living.

We can only win the game of life if we play it according to the laws of the universe. There is no other way to win, since there is no negotiating with the planet. If Mother Earth goes down, we all do, so she rules. And, since universal laws govern what we attract in life, based on what we embody, there is no hiding our self-serving motives or agendas.

If we don’t like the hypocrisy, misdirection and lack of accountability in the ruling elite, we must address those same dysfunctional dynamics in ourselves in order to change things.

I challenge all cell-phoning activists to take ownership of their role in perpetuating worldwide wireless harm, cell-phone dependence, and more of the me-me-me mentality that is destroying personal and planetary health, along with personal responsibility and respect for others. 

I also invite them to realize how powerful they are. We are the agents of change, yet we deny that powerful agency and become victims if we merely blame those who harm us (without changing ourselves). Since we are deeply programmed to self-reject and engage in all kinds of subconscious sabotage, we will keep attracting the crises pushing us to realize our power.

It’s not just about me-me-me

Healing and saving ourselves is NOT the same as healing and saving the planet. In fact, one cancels out the other when driven by self-serving needs. Cell-phonership actively perpetuates the cycle of harm that only we can break, by choosing health vs harm. Our climate is being affected, insects are being wiped out, crops are failing, people are increasingly sick, children are dying from cancers, young adults are becoming infertile, cancer has become the norm, and wildlife is dying all around us, with thousands of birds dropping dead whenever a cell tower is erected in their habitat. And the global elite is exploiting our dependence, distracting us with alarmist messaging about CO2-induced climate change… when the reality is that the massive amounts of wireless radiation are causing far more damage, while consuming vast amounts of precious energy.

The blind spot we don’t want to face

For the first time in history, children are dying from hitherto rare forms of inoperable cancers due to increasing levels of manmade electromagnetic radiation. One such case involved an elementary school in San Joaquin County, California, where four children (only 10 and 11 years old) and three teachers got cancer within the space of three years, after a cell tower was erected beside the school (see article on NaturalHealth365).

Most of us are diligent, caring, good people who would never wish to harm a child or anyone else. When it comes to cell phones, however, we have a blind spot—the point where denial and dependence converge, feeding each other, while causing untold damage.

To those who understand the power of programming and the nature of reality, it’s obvious where our unloving actions take us, even if self-inflicted, and regardless of which side we are on. Our personal problems tell a specific story about our subconscious programming, our limiting beliefs and the challenges we face so as to become our fully activated, autonomous selves.

If, for example, we keep attracting dysfunctional relationships, yet make unhealthy compromises to gain love and acceptance, rather than meeting our own emotional needs, being emotionally honest and making healthy boundaries, we demonstrate low self-worth, self-rejection, a lack of self-respect and a belief in not deserving love, respect and recognition… which will only attract more dysfunctional relationships.

We must fill in the missing qualities in ourselves that cause us to attract abuse or dysfunction. Otherwise, it will just keep coming. We may walk away from abuse and reject the abuser, but if we still carry the negative programs inside us, it will just come around again.

Liability or viability: which would you prefer?

If an NoL is filed against governments for betraying us, we should consider how we have betrayed ourselves and each other by irradiating all life. If we denounce them for undermining our health, we should remember that we do the same thing to ourselves and everyone else by having wireless devices and making other destructive choices that sabotage our greatness, our prosperity and our efforts to make our lives work.

Ironically, cell-phoners have the opportunity to make themost meaningful, dramatic and positive difference in our world by giving up their phones. Filing Notices of Liability won’t do it… unless they are filed against everyone with a cell phone. Now THAT would change everything—causing the entire new world disorder to collapse, and prompting us to see where the true power lies and how to realize our true potential, for everyone’s benefit.

The global elite, corrupt governments and harmful industries are only powerful because we have not empowered ourselves, instead relying on the very devices they have created to exert and deepen their control.

The lies of liability… and the truth that drives it all

What I’m sharing here is not judgement or blame. I’m merely explaining how self-defeating it is to take certain measures if we haven’t already done the work of filling in our ‘missing pieces’ and making ourselves emotionally complete so we then attract the fullness of life we deserve. Moreover, if we file Notices of Liability against those harming us, while ourselves causing harm, we make ourselves victims twice over: firstly, by blaming them for overpowering us (seemingly) beyond our control and, secondly, by implying that we have no impact and could never have been powerful enough to have created this situation.

Perhaps, instead of Notices of Liability (which could be construed as lie-ability), we should all file Notices of Viability—our personal, self-responsible assessment of how viable our lifestyles, choices and actions are, for the sake of personal and planetary health.

Let’s get personal…

In a recent newsletter, Josh del Sol said: My friend Cal Washington and hundreds in the InPower Movement are holding accountable the actors & forces behind the jabs, ‘smart’ meters, harmful wireless, and chemtrails.

But why are you, Josh, not holding yourself accountable for the harm you are causing by having a cell phone? You are just as personally liable for harm/trespass against other persons by having a cell phone that harms me, them and all other forms of life. The same kind of Notice of Liability that you are urging others to file could also justifiably be served to you.

In a more recent newsletter, he says: “WiFi is just too convenient to give up”. Since when is activism about convenience? Surely it is the very antithesis of that. If activism in our own everyday lives is not inconvenient, then nothing changes.

But, Josh adds, “your health is priceless. And by investing in this technology [a stand-by wireless router that he promotes], you are taking a stand for what really matters: the health and well-being of you and your household. …an ‘easy win’ over the 5G/big tech monster.”

How is this any kind of win? It does absolutely nothing to bring down the ‘5G/big tech monster’, or to bring people’s focus (along with his own) back to self-responsibility, where the only real change can occur.

When I e-mailed Josh about promoting wireless devices and still having a cell phone, he said: “almost everyone who is against wireless proliferation still uses a cell phoneit’s the reality, Olga.”  To me, this seems profoundly ironic, since changing the current reality is what personal empowerment is all about. The power he urges people to take back is not the same power that I am referring to.

Leadership subverted by opportunism

It’s disheartening when activists switch from leadership to opportunism, bypassing their own power rather than leveraging it for its intended purpose. And arguing (as does Josh del Sol) that we might object to the harm caused by Monsanto, for example, yet not always eat organic foods, is irrelevant, since wireless radiation is in a league of its own, given its devastating impact and its violation of individual choices… unlike Monsanto foods, which I can choose to avoid. I am not against technology, merely the wireless technology destroying our planet, which is the one thing we cannot do without. We may refute all this, but there is no negotiating with the health of our planet. We either respect it and keep it viable or we don’t and we cease to be viable also.

Have you tried negotiating with the planet?

Dear Earth: if you could please continue sustaining life, providing oxygen, water, food, energy, shelter, trees, wildlife, bounty and beauty (and not be affected by all the wireless radiation and other toxins we’re bombarding you with), because I really love/need my cell phone and cannot give it up, that would be great. Thanks. 

How’s that working for you?

It’s also disheartening that so few activists fail to understand the true nature of power, or have faith in their capacity to make a significant difference, as I believe Josh could do… if he were to lead the charge in a healthy direction, rather than feeding and benefiting from a defeatist, that’s-just-the-way-it-is, every-man-for-himself approach, leading people deeper into dysfunction.

Just like Josh’s potential to guide others towards positive change, there are medical solutions that effectively empower individuals to overcome personal health challenges. For instance, cialis generic has been a breakthrough in treating erectile dysfunction, offering men the ability to reclaim their wellbeing and intimacy. The active ingredient in cialis generic relieves symptoms of erectile dysfunction by enhancing blood flow, thus facilitating the ability to maintain an adequate erection during sexual activity. By understanding and utilizing such effective treatments, individuals can avoid the defeatist attitude towards health issues and instead take decisive, informed steps towards recovery and better health.

It takes courage to swim against the tide—and to believe that we can turn the tide by healing our own dysfunction and changing our personal reality (even though it may seem much easier to follow the crowd and avoid being unpopular or rejected).

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”—Margaret Mead

You want to bring down the wireless industry… but you refuse to give up your cell phone? How exactly would that work

If we bring down the industry, there will beno cell phones. If we don’t give up our cell phones and find healthy alternatives (as so many of us have done), we will just contribute to bringing everyone down, since our planet cannot withstand the increasing assault.

If we find a workaround so we can ‘have our cake and eat it’, protecting ourselves from the wireless radiation we generate, then we are missing the whole point. Saving ourselves won’t help if the planet is no longer habitable; catering to our convenience, regardless of the harm caused, deepens our dependence and denial; and symptoms always get worse if we don’t address the root cause… and we are it. Using technology, Notices of Liability or other external strategies merely reinforces dysfunction, creating even more crises and bypassing the real payoff of personal empowerment and self-ownership (which we will never get from cell-phonership).

With reference to filing Notices of Liability, Josh urges us to Be bold. But filing an NoL against those guilty of wireless harm is just plain unrealistic… if we blame others for something we are co-creating, via our cell phone.

Be bolder: give up your phone, take back your personal power,bring down the New World Disorder

It takes far more courage to give up our cell phones, but it is also infinitely more effective. It is, in fact, the ONLY thing that will bring down the new world disorder, including the 5G-based internet of people, surveillance, social credit systems, digital currencies, tracking, and targeting/injuring/disabling via nanotech in our bodies and the electromagnetic graphene oxide hidden in so many products, including the so-called vaccine injections.

The wireless industry caters to our needs, but we create and sustain the demand for its existence.

We must end dependence and denial, to really take back our power

Isn’t it time that we held ourselves and each other accountable for the harm we are causing—and for our denial of that harm? Isn’t it time that we finally understood what’s really driving things… and addressed it, rather than fighting the system we have co-created?

We are so intent on blaming and taking down the bad guys that we don’t realize we put them there, to show us what’s missing in ourselves. Only by bringing the focus back inside, and by transforming the programming that so distorts our world and sense of self, can we truly turn things around. 

We may deny the proven dangers of wireless radiation, but we can’t deny or prevent the effects of universal law in our lives—or the effects of our actions, governed by that law. This is one time when the law truly serves us, since it is constant, universal in its application, transformative and hugely rewarding, once we learn how to use it to create positive outcomes.

We have all the power, yet we blame others for disempowering us, which they can only do if we behave like them.

Our primary responsibility, then, is to take ownership of our behaviour and actions, to live the truth of who we are, with integrity, and to address our dysfunction from the inside out. If we cannot be the change we wish to see, we’ll never see it. Changing ourselves changes everything.

Check out Olga’s new book, which explores the issues mentioned in this blog and shows you how to create your ideal reality and build healthy, loving relationships. Discover why our world has reached this critical point, the root cause of crises, how to dissolve conflict, how our choices change things, and how to restore personal and planetary health (with a free workbook). Reboot now and create a world that works.


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  • This is so good! Do you recommend going the NoL route if you don’t use wireless? I have never had a cell phone and am very happy to not have one. I can see why people would have trouble giving them up – they are so addicted…

    • Thank you, Kristin — and good for you for not having a cell phone. I don’t recommend using an NoL to ‘make things right’. Taking the ‘bad guys’ to task won’t change us (since they merely reflect our dysfunction), and we are the ones collectively creating the current crises. As an empowerment coach and therapist (and having explored quantum physics, neuroscience and the nature of reality), I believe that the only meaningful change comes from changing ourselves. Once we understand the powerful impact (and deeper purpose) of our programming, we realize how things really work, what causes crises, how to dissolve conflict, and how we can create the reality we seek. Psychocide Reversal is a hands-on manual that shows you how to do this (among other things), and comes with a free downloadable workbook.

  • Hi, Olga, Thank you so much for this excellent article. Over the years I have had people tell me they were going to get large sums from corporations or individuals because they didn’t respond to the NOL within the deadline they had set. One man told me he was going to get $100,000 from BC Hydro because they hadn’t responded within 30 days. Some time later he wrote to me, angry that he had done everything, and spent a lot of time and money on printing individual NOLs, having them notarized and sent via registered mail — and got nothing in return. People need to be cautious and aware that if something appears to be too easy it probably won’t work. Despite the work of many experts over many years, we still face the proliferation of wireless radiation. It will be through spreading the word, people working together, putting pressure on companies by refusing to buy their dangerous devices that will ultimately bring about change just as it did with cigarettes.
    Thank you again, Olga.


    • Sharon, thank you for your kind feedback and for taking the time to share your input about this issue. I agree that it’s not an effective approach and can give people false hope. It can also lead to more conflict and frustration than amicable resolution. As I said in my response to Kristin’s comment (below), there are more fundamental reasons why the NoL approach won’t work–the most important of which is that we cannot bring down an industry that so many (including those objecting to it) are actively supporting with their cell phones (now numbering over 8.59 billion worldwide), which is more than the global pop of 7.95 billion. The most powerful outcomes occur when we give up cell phones, change ourselves, and focus on living with as much integrity and self-responsibility as we can.

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