Brain Maker


I highly recommend Brain Maker, by neurologist Dr David Perlmutter. He provides compelling evidence of the benefits of having healthy gut bacteria—not just for better overall health, but as a solution for all kinds of conditions, including poor memory, depression, dementia, bowel disorders, autism, MS and many other neurological issues. Boosting your probiotic intake, with probiotic supplements or natural sources such as fermented foods, boosts all brain functions and has a positive impact on almost every part of the body. For more info, go to:


Strong-FINALI also recommend Return to Food by my good friend Sherry Strong—a food philosopher, nutritionist and chef. Her book is filled with life-changing wisdom, insights and practical advice for living a healthier, more nourishing life. I’m already very diligent, in terms of what I eat, but I learnt a lot from reading this book, and thoroughly enjoyed it. See for more info.


Ask yourself this…

If you’re truly in charge of what you attract into your life (as I believe you are), what might be the purpose, blessing or lesson behind whatever challenge, delay or crisis you might be experiencing?

If a client cancels at the last minute, or some important plans fall through, I rarely get upset (although I used to, before I realized how things really worked). Instead, I look for the good in it—extra time to relax, an opportunity to further prepare for a talk I planned to give, or maybe the realization that I wasn’t ready or was too tired to do any more that day.

Timing is important, and if you’re impatient, like me (an Aries with high adrenaline), you may not always readily see the perfection in the timing of things in your life. So if something’s not unfolding the way you want it to or as fast as you hoped, ask yourself this: Why might I have set things up this way?

Your subconscious is always doing its utmost to connect you with whatever challenges, lessons and/or situations will enable you to grow, heal, discover and empower yourself, so that you achieve your potential and gain the love and fulfillment you desire. Pretty smart, no? The challenge, of course, is getting out of our own way and trusting that, whatever unfolds, there’s a good reason for it.