Finding it hard to move ahead with your life, health, work and/or relationship? Are you going round in circles, getting mixed results, or not getting the payoff you deserve? Your fears, self-doubts and insecurities are really the only thing stopping you from achieving what you want, but transforming them takes commitment and determination. Positive affirmations will help you re-program your body and mind, while empowering your words and actions. Over the years, I’ve used affirmations very effectively, to attract love, money and many other good things. I’ve also customised many for my clients, helping them to stay focused on what’s really going on, to break free of self-defeating cycles, and to manifest what they desire.

The affirmations in this series are designed to promote empowerment, success, well-being and fulfillment. They accelerate the process of mental rewiring and transformation, reminding you of the deeper truth about yourself, and re-programming your subconscious mind so that it can truly serve you. If you listen to them regularly, these affirmations will boost your confidence, enhance your performance, generate optimism and positivity, and transform what you think of you (which determines what others think of you). When you’re mentally and emotionally primed for love, ease, success and abundance, you become a magnet for all of those things and more.

Getting the most from these affirmations

There are three parts to every series of affirmations: 1) an introduction to the concept of programming and how it affects your life; 2) a short recording that helps you to relax and prepare for the affirmations; and 3) the affirmations themselves. Each complete set of affirmations is recorded twice, and there is space after each affirmation so you can repeat it to yourself—out loud or in your mind—to reinforce the message. I recommend playing the intro at least once, for a deeper understanding of what’s holding you back. But you may wish to play it every time you use the affirmations, as it also contains many positive, empowering messages. I recommend playing parts 2 & 3 every night, for at least two weeks. The affirmations work most powerfully when played before sleep, using a headset, so that your mind can absorb the information without any distractions. After two weeks, take note of how things have shifted in your thinking and your circumstances—and feel free to share your experience. Feedback is always welcome.

NB: These affirmations are designed to change your mind about what you believe is possible. You do them because you DON’T believe them. Belief—and breakthroughs—come later, once you’ve made them true in your mind and see them becoming true in your life.