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Creating Wealth: Free download

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Money is often seen as an expression of power, but it’s also an expression of self-worth—which determines how much money we can make. If you have problems with money, you’re being challenged to transform some deeply programmed beliefs that prevent you from having the financial success you seek. So don’t get distracted by the economic situation or by how competitive things seem to be. The key to creating wealth lies inside you, not in your external circumstances (which are merely symptoms, designed to get your attention). If you boost your self-worth by acting as if you are, indeed, richly deserving (making healthy boundaries, not making compromises/choices that don’t feel good, charging a good price for your work etc), and if you play these affirmations regularly, you will re-program your subconscious mind to bring you the wealth, ease and success that you deserve. Don’t believe it? Well, it’s not about believing me; it’s about believing in the power of you. When you do that, everything becomes possible, and money starts to flow. Give yourself to a chance to see that you can turn things around—not by working harder, but by changing your mind about what you believe you’re worth …which changes everything.

1 review for Creating Wealth: Free download

  1. Cheryl Serpanchy (verified owner)

    I highly recommend purchasing the audio, Creating Wealth (my favorite), as well as trying Finding Love and Powering Up. I have used the Creating Wealth for 1 week and so far have seen transformations in my life. With a recent move to a new city and community, it’s been a time of transition and new fears. I use the affirmations nightly before sleeping and lull my subconscious into manifesting new beliefs and it’s helped eliminate my negative chatty mind during new experiences with demanding clients.

    Olga’s compassionate manner and sweet voice have the desired effect after long, often-stressful workdays, and the affirmations have helped deliver the kind of magic I’m choosing to manifest in my life. Peaceful energy and resonating higher levels of awareness and clarity! Thank you, Olga, for sharing your gifts.

    —Cheryl Serpanchy, Social Media Entrepreneur & Fundraising Consultant

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