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Finding Love

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If you’re seeking a partner or having relationship issues, these affirmations will get things moving in the right direction. Not feeling lovable or worthy is the biggest obstacle to fulfillment, and the key to finding love lies deep inside you. Connect with the deeper truth, heal your wounds, boost your self-confidence, dissolve your fears, and enhance your self-worth. Your perfect mate is waiting. Play these affirmations every night and trust that they WILL make a difference. Break free of your negative beliefs and make yourself a magnet for the perfect match for you.

If you find it difficult to empty your mind and to trust that all is well, you’ll appreciate the reassuring tone of these affirmations. In a wonderfully calm and soothing way, Olga imparts words of wisdom, encouragement and empowerment that gently seep into the mind and soul. A wonderful transformation awaits you.

—Ruby Browne, Canine Coach, Ireland

  • Veronica Pabon says:

    Honestly speaking, before listening to Olga’s affirmations, I was skeptical, because there are so many affirmations out there. I wondered how hers would be different. After listening to them for a few days, I can say they are very relaxing, well thought through, and very powerful from beginning to end. They go to the core of your being in an empowering way. I loved them and highly recommend them!
    —Maria Veronica Pabon, Life Coach, http://www.valentiacoaching.com

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