The Parents ePub version


Human drama, political intrigue, global crises, quantum physics, time travel, corruption, media mayhem, religious collapse, United Nations skulduggery, government scandals, romance, personal transformation, humour and high-tech rebels: The Parents brings us the ultimate life we all yearn for but don’t know how to create… and keeps readers guessing till the very end.


Olga Sheean’s new novel is a story of grit, determination, loss and redemption. The Parents is a mystery–thriller that will take you to the edge of your seat… and push you over—into a madly creative, profoundly inspiring, deeply human, yet magical reality that exists on the other side of the illusion you currently call life.

This timely book opens up an intriguing new realm of possibilities for transforming your existence and enhancing your evolution—far beyond the current madness and crises in our world—while being grounded in a compelling human story to which everyone will relate.


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