Q: There are lots of personal coaches out there. What’s different about your approach?
A: Many coaches offer valuable skills and advice but what makes my approach different and, in my opinion, more effective, is the focus on subconscious programming. This is the single greatest factor in determining your health, your happiness and how much money, love and fulfillment you have in your life. It makes very little sense to me to work with the conscious mind if the underlying subconscious ‘drivers’ in your life remain unaddressed. Doing so often creates inner conflict and mixed results because your negative subconscious programming acts like a brake on your life, preventing you from moving forward and from having the quality of life that you want.

It is only when you identify, address and transform your negative programming that you begin to understand how it has been holding you back and how you can start to live in a way that literally puts you in charge of your circumstances. You also learn a consistently reliable system for figuring out your life and proactively creating what you want. It is universally applicable, which means that it works for everyone—provided they do the homework.

Q: I’ve read your book, Fit for Love, and tried to do the exercises but found them difficult to apply in my everyday life and relationships.
A: Fit for Love was produced in response to my clients’ requests for some written documentation on the principles that I teach. But, like any book, it can only go so far in addressing individuals’ particular needs. Your subconscious programming is particularly slippery stuff and it is no small challenge to address this deeply entrenched part of you. Since everyone’s programming is unique, it manifests in very specific ways, shaping your perception of life and of yourself. It can therefore be difficult to determine exactly what is going on and why.

The book is designed to give you an understanding of personal empowerment, explaining the concepts, providing practical tools, and helping you identify and resolve your ‘missing pieces’ and ‘triggers’. For some people, this generates profound changes in their lives and relationships. For others, more specific information and support are required. A private consultation would enable you to determine your particular programming make-up and homework, while providing you with the support and framework you might need for applying this approach in your life. Once you understand how your internal dynamics really work, you can continue with the book as your guide. The system works; it’s just a matter of what each individual needs in order to produce the desired results.

Q: What IS personal empowerment, really?
A: I believe that personal empowerment is about being truly, authentically yourself, without the distortion or inhibitions so often created by the fear of not being acceptable to others. When you are fully connected to yourself, to your sense of identify and to your purpose in the world, you are a powerful force, confident and happy with who you are. You are not driven or deterred by others’ expectations, you express yourself easily and creatively, you have strong, healthy boundaries, and you always go for what’s best for you, in healthy ways.

In doing so, you demonstrate strong self-worth, which automatically makes you a powerful manifesting force, enabling you to effortlessly attract all kinds of good things into your life. In the process, you also inspire others to be equally authentic and powerful in their lives.

Q: How do I get in touch with my subconscious programming?
A: It is almost impossible to do this with your conscious mind, which is why so many people get stuck in frustrating cycles and can’t figure out why their lives are not working properly, even if they think they are doing everything in the best possible way. Most of our programming is beyond our awareness and the most effective way of accessing it is via muscle-testing—a simple diagnostic tool used by applied kinesiologists to get information from the body. I use this tool to identify very specific components of your programming, in order to give you the information and techniques you need to positively transform them.

Q: Why is it that some people seem to have easy lives, making tons of money and never having to do any soul-searching or personal development work?
A: If certain people seem not to be particularly challenged in their lives it is usually because 1) they have resolved their personal issues; 2) they have not yet reached the point at which these issues are being triggered; or 3) they are in denial about some painful or uncomfortable aspects of their lives and choose to ignore or suppress them. Some people may appear to have the perfect life—with money, a family, nice home, steady job, etc—but this does not necessarily mean that they have a truly intimate and fulfilling relationship with their partner or that they are happy.

I believe that we are all here to learn very particular things about ourselves and we are challenged in different ways at different times in our lives. The painful experiences we have along the way are designed to take us deep inside ourselves so that, ultimately, we realize that the pain has been caused by a distortion of who we really are. I also believe that the only way to be truly happy is to remove all the negative programming that prevents us from being ourselves and from having the natural abundance and fulfillment available to us.

Q: I’ve done years of personal development work and I know my issues. What could you possibly add that I haven’t already heard over the years?
A: Well, to be honest, if you’d already addressed your subconscious programming and removed all its related drivers and patterns, you’d no longer be searching for answers. You’d be out there living life to the max and you probably wouldn’t even know I existed. You’d also understand why your life has unfolded the way it has and you’d know what to do to address any new or unresolved issues.

Many diligent, self-aware individuals come to me with this question: Why, after doing all this work, am I still not living the life I want? The answer lies buried in the subconscious. If something is missing or not working in your life, it is almost certainly because of some deeply engrained programming. This is often the only thing that highly evolved individuals have not been able to fully access and resolve in practical ways.

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