Another unholy takeover—to silence those telling the truth

The first one happened a while ago. You won’t remember it. But your DNA does.

Back in the early 300s, a Roman emperor decided he needed more power over the people. With the help of the avidly aspiring Roman Church, he devised a way to get it. It was a purely political move, disguised as an altruistic one. (That might sound vaguely familiar.)

What followed was one of the most savage, inhuman attacks on a culture and civilization—so brutal that the victors rewrote history to make it sound like a blessed intervention, a salvation for godless pagan savages that knew no better. They even changed the meanings of certain words, such as heretic and pagan, demonizing them for the sake of their superior cause.

Our ancestors—the founders of highly advanced metaphysical universities, teaching physics, cosmology, human enlightenment, architecture, sacred geometry, astronomy and the mysteries of nature—were ruthlessly persecuted, vilified and massacred if they did not submit. The Church was determined to crush their spirit and eliminate their profound knowledge and wisdom, dating back to antiquity. It largely succeeded, although traces of that culture and wisdom remain for those who seek the truth, and that knowledge is experiencing a resurgence as quantum physics and neuroscience reveal an intelligent cosmos and our vast untapped human potential.

But the legacy of that brutal takeover is still very much alive. Today, it takes the form of the global population being scared into submission by threatening, fear-mongering governments. That early takeover is also what led to us being so effectively disempowered in the first place that we have submitted to government control with barely a fight, gripped by fear, believing the lies, and blind to the truth of the bigger picture. 

Our learned ancestors were unprepared for the evil perpetrated by the ruthless religious marauders and they had no real defences. Because they were overpowered and forced to submit, many of us already feel defeated, without knowing why. Although we may have a better awareness of the evil things humans can do, we are no better equipped than our ancestors were, because we remain oblivious to how we got here. Stripped of our spiritual autonomy, our sense of self-worth, our belief in ourselves and our deep connection to nature and the cosmos—all things that our ancestors promoted and revered—we are easy prey. We are clueless.

Today, billions of people all over the globe unthinkingly accept the alien doctrine forced upon our enlightened ancestors and handed down through the generations: that we are sinners, that we are unworthy, and that we must defer to an external authority rather than our own innate wisdom and the transformative powers of nature.

Even though our ancestors passionately resisted indoctrination, rejecting the alien concept of a punishing, judgemental god, it took only a few generations for those enforced beliefs to become firmly embedded in the collective mindset.

The stealth weapon that potentiates all others

Now, over 1,700 years later, the human psyche is so deeply conditioned with those beliefs—even among those who claim no religion—that we don’t even realize we’ve been programmed. The pervasive lack of self-worth is a more potent tool than any weapon, and it has been used to turn us against ourselves. A sense of unworthiness breeds a lack of self-acceptance, which inevitably leads to self-rejection.

There is no more effective way to bring down a people than to break their spirit, make them believe they are flawed, unworthy and in need of atonement, and disconnect them from their true human nature as well as from nature itself.

​There is no more effective way to bring down a people than to break their spirit

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We repeatedly re-enact this tragic history, littering our lives with the detritus of disempowerment. Disease, depression, divorce, suicide, anxiety, addiction, fear and insecurity: these are the symptoms—and the outcomes—of indoctrinated self-doubt and self-rejection. We distract ourselves looking for answers—answers our ancestors had all along, but they were silenced when they dared speak the potent truth. As we are being silenced now.

“​We seek solutions to climate change,
when it’s our emotional climate that must change.

​Thanks to all the negative pre-programming, the current dictators are having a much easier time of it. And it’s far less messy than burning people at the stake. It seems almost civilized, with people meekly submitting, oblivious to the incipient danger dressed up as an authority that purports to actually be keeping them safe.

Governments barely have to lift a finger now. With wireless radiation spanning the globe and pervasive 5G networks being rolled out, they have a perfect system for invisibly weakening, tracking, controlling, sickening and progressively eliminating a big chunk of the unsuspecting population. It’s clever, because it works from the inside out.

The backdrop of low self-worth has already weakened our emotional and spiritual connection and, therefore, our primary sources of nourishment. Because the radiation is invisible and largely intangible, it is hard for those affected to point an unflinching figure at their attackers.

Our increasingly depleted immune systems (further weakened by vaccines and other drugs), our irradiated blood (which causes havoc throughout the body), and our scrambled brains—all serve beautifully to diminish our natural defences and awareness. We play into the hands of the perpetrators providing smart solutions that will save us. And in our hands lies the remote-control agent of our own destruction. A source of social comfort in times of fear, despair, isolation and illness; a safety net in case an urgent call must be made; and a faithful companion available 24/7… our phones are the most brilliantly disguised Trojan horses in human history.

​We are taking ourselves down. We have been programmed to self-destruct. We are willingly, addictively irradiating ourselves in our homes, day and night.

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But our enemies don’t need to emerge from the dark underbelly. We are doing their work for them. We are taking ourselves down. We have been programmed to self-destruct. We are willingly, addictively irradiating ourselves in our homes, day and night. Our wireless devices have an invisible umbilical cord that connects them to the alien mothership. But this is not a mother who loves us. Hers is not a natural nourishment. She does not feed us to become beings of strong, self-loving self-sufficiency.

This is the mother of all deceptions. And this is the final takeover. There will be no other …unless we make a comeback. Unless we disconnect from the alien mothership. Unless we realize that the power to reclaim our world is in our hands.

About the author

Olga Sheean is a former UN international civil servant, an author, editor, disruptive thinker, therapist and mastery coach specializing in human dynamics, creative potential and conscious evolution. She has documented the bio-effects of wireless radiation, exposing the widespread corruption within the industry, WHO and governments, and writes widely on the true drivers of human dysfunction and how to reclaim our autonomy.

  • Another WOW from Olga – powerful – true, hitting the proverbial nail smack dab in middle of the bull’s eye target – Thank you!

  • Absolutely brilliant, Olga. Thank you! The history is not forgotten, you are telling us to reclaim what our forebearer’s persecution brought them….lives they sacrificed for us….and today, our re-awakening….our awkening…..gracias….

    • Kathleen, thank you for taking the time to comment here and on FB. I have a much more detailed piece on this that I may put out there shortly, based on an even longer book about this issue! But life is short and the grass is growing, so I need to spend time in the garden, too :o)).

  • Awake and aware. Beautiful article, Olga. Thank you so much.


    Is *PTSD … encoded in our WATER?

    * intergenerational collective post traumatic stress disorder

    Is this PLANDEMIC (unconsciously) fuelled by generations of collective PTSD contaminating the memory in WATER?

    Are BIG Tech (toxic radiation), BIG Pharma (Biotech Vaccines), BIG Agri-tech (Glyphosate, GMOs), etc SYMPTOMS of an unconscious disorder (ie. Global PTSD)? What is the root cause of our intergenerational collective trauma?

    The answer to this question is in *”Mankind in Amnesia” by Immanuel Velikovsky (See Below)

    Also, does Deuterium Depleted Water and/or Structured Water have a role to play in … healing (saving) the planet?

    Perhaps some of the following experts can shed some light on the consequences of trauma encoded in our WATER.

    Dr. Gerald Pollack
    Dr. Laszlo Boros
    Dr. Joseph Mercola
    Dr. Tom Cowan
    Dr. Stephanie Seneff
    Dr. Judy Mikovitz
    Dr. Wal Thornhill
    Dr. Yuval Harari
    Dr. Gabor Mate
    Dr. Bessel van der Kolk
    Dr. Zach Bush
    Dr. Stephen Porges

    Imagine hosting a docu-series/SUMMIT that explores this hypothesis!

    *”Mankind in Amnesia” by Immanuel Velikovsky

    “Immanuel Velikovsky called this book the “fulfillment of his oath of Hippocrates – to serve humanity.” In this book he returns to his roots as a psychologist and psychoanalytical therapist, yet not with a single person as his patient but with humanity as a whole.”

    “The agitation and trepidation preceding global upheavals, the destruction and despair that accompanied them and the horror of possible repetition all caused a variety of reactions, at the base of which was the need to forget, but also the urge to emulate.” – Immanuel Velikovsky

    Mankind suffers from traumatic amnesia. This is the result of our ancestors having survived global cataclysms in the past. The planets have made close approaches to each other, and immense interplanetary electrical discharges have wreaked havoc on Earth and other planets. Our ancestors have encoded this (urge to emulate) in mythology, petroglyphs, allegory, and ritual.

    • Thanks, Eileen. I’ve talked about global PTSD elsewhere and in EMF off! There are certainly lots of symptoms and different pathways for them to show up, but the root is the same, I believe.

  • Thanks for this Olga, and for the interview on the 5G Summit. It so rings true and I’m inspired and motivated to make sense of my life as a human being.

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