Social greedia: has our evolution been derailed?

Standing at a critical technological crossroads, we have become oblivious to our own demise in body, mind and spirit.

Have you realized your unique creative potential? In living your precious life, how much have you evolved emotionally, spiritually or ecologically? Have you enhanced your personal responsibility, autonomy, relationships or custodianship of the planet? Are you fulfilled and happy with who you are?

If we look beneath the virtual reality of our tech-driven world, we see a deep yearning for connection and meaningful fulfillment. Something fundamental is missing and many of us are trying to fill the void. While wireless technologies promise mobility, convenience and freedom, they have instead compromised our humanity, while distracting us from what we have lost and keeping us stuck in a perpetual loop of unmet emotional and spiritual needs.

With endless information at our fingertips, we may feel more in charge of our lives than ever before, but we have never been less free. We have become mobile databases, generating masses of personal data used to track, control and exploit us. We have lost an essential part of our humanness—the part that relates to compassion, caring for others and seeking heartfelt connections. Our humanity matters more than any inanimate gadget, and if we deny the proven dangers of wireless devices, harming ourselves and others while disengaging from the natural world around us, it shows us just how dehumanized we have become …and it means we no longer care.

I call this social greedia—not caring how much we harm people, the planet or society, in our need for social-media sustenance. Absorbed in our digital world, we lose touch with nature, our inner wisdom and the higher faculties designed to keep us true to ourselves. We fail to see that we have been masterfully played by those with a vested interest in keeping us emotionally disconnected, socially seduced, stressed, insecure and burnt out. Focused outwards on the symptoms of our dysfunction, we distract ourselves from our pain, blaming others for not fixing things, while failing to take responsibility for the way we live.

Absorbed in our digital world, we lose touch with nature, our inner wisdom and the higher faculties designed to keep us true to ourselves.

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Our choices matter. They affect everyone, and the increasing demand for an easy wireless lifestyle is making life hell for those feeling its effects. Not caring or taking the appropriate action for our planet or each other is part of the syndrome of dumbing down and emotional detachment caused by wireless radiation. This is what makes the current technological takeover so masterful. On top of the logistical, physical and emotional dependence on mobile technologies, the loss of empathy, emotional intelligence and consciousness really seals the deal. That’s not just tragic; it’s deadly, because not caring means we give in and don’t fight back.  

A wake-up call …or the big long sleep?

Right now, if you are relatively healthy and you use a cell phone or other wireless devices, you are taking your health for granted. But you can expect a wake-up call very soon. I’ve had mine, in the form of a brain tumour, so I may be a little bit ahead of you, but it won’t be long before you get it …or it gets you. Then you will realize just how much you have lost and that the human rights you also took for granted are no longer respected or enforced. Wireless technology has taken over, increasingly pulling us away from what is healthy and natural for our bodies, minds and spirits. In the process, we are losing consciousness, surrendering our own personal evolution to the evolution of inanimate technology.

If technology runs our lives, we no longer do.
And if the evolution of technology overrides the evolution of humanity, we will have eliminated ourselves from the equation.

We urgently need to get back in the driver’s seat and steer things in a healthier direction. Consciousness is the very antithesis of the tech takeover—and the only true antidote to it. But how do we regain consciousness if we do not realize we have lost it? How do we become conscious of not being conscious?

We must find stillness and give ourselves the opportunity to feel, process and integrate what is happening in our lives. We were never intended to process so much information, to be so mentally over-stimulated, to be spiritually and emotionally disengaged, or to have so many things clamouring for our attention. Many people are in overwhelm, their brains on fire, their hearts empty, and their lives a non-stop juggling act. We must separate ourselves from our ‘upregulating’ gadgetry in order to reconnect with our deeper selves …or even to simply be present.

In most cases, smart phones serve as the delivery device—a virtual umbilical cord—that keeps us co-dependent. Only by switching them off and opening our eyes and hearts to what is around us can we start to see what we are losing. As precious trees are cut down to facilitate the delivery of 5G, as more and more children get cancer from wireless radiation, and as smart devices increasingly run our homes, choices and every move, consciousness is the only thing left inside us that we can fully own and control ...and that no one else can control.

“When you add consciousness, you become the driver of the machine.”
—Bruce Lipton, PhD, cell biologist

Evolution is about finding a higher way, and we can only evolve if we are conscious of what we are doing. We are being pushed to reclaim our hearts and humanity in the face of a heartless, predatory technology. As technology evolves, so does disease, due to the deepening separation of head from heart and our focus on symptoms versus underlying cause. We now have more epidemics of disease, more social dysfunction, and more mental illness then ever before in our world. The frequencies being beamed at us are changing the way we behave, think and feel, controlling us without us even knowing it. This is the price we pay for not consciously evolving—for having surrendered our personal autonomy, our spiritual sovereignty, our emotional integrity and our physical functionality to gadgets that promise to do it all for us.

Social greedia or conscious evolution?

Being human is about being truly present, compassionate and wise, and making simple, healthy choices that promote our collective survival and prosperity. With every choice we make, we have the capacity and the option to evolve to a higher plane of existence. We can collectively feed the machine that will ultimately render us almost obsolete, or we can feed our hearts and spirits, broadcasting our own healthy frequencies and starving the predators that are leaching the life out of us.

We can collectively feed the machine that will ultimately render us almost obsolete, or we can feed our hearts and spirits.

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This means reconnecting with our humanity, which is what keeps us connected to what matters most. It also keeps us connected to what is right. If we lose touch with our humanity, we lose our moral compass …and we can’t use GPS to find our way home.

We stand at a crucial crossroads
in our evolution:
stripped of our humanity,
subsumed by wireless gadgets,
we are pliant puppets in the tech takeover,
oblivious to our own demise.

Conscious evolution is an active choice. We can choose long-term viability over short-term gratification; we can choose enduring spiritual connection over instant wireless connectivity; and we can choose to feed our own healthy neural networks rather than feeding data-hungry online networks that exploit our every move, friendship, purchase, weakness, need, emotion or desire.

Only by choosing to consciously evolve can we hope to outwit the predator that stalks us. Disguised as our friend, it seduces us with the promise of an exciting futuristic life, while scrambling our brains and weakening our bodies with its invisible irradiating waves. The stealthy wireless stalker makes us forget who we really are, feeding our needs and getting us hooked on its addictive offerings.

It is human trafficking of the most tragic and insidious kind. The only escape lies in conscious self-awareness, withdrawal from our addictions, and an active commitment to being fully human. We must return to love, engage our true nature, reclaim our personal autonomy and choose to evolve for the sake of every precious beating heart.

Previously published in Best Self magazine: https://bestselfmedia.com/social-greedia/.

About the author

Olga Sheean is a former UN international civil servant, an author, editor, disruptive thinker, therapist and mastery coach specializing in human dynamics, creative potential and conscious evolution. She has documented the bio-effects of wireless radiation, exposing the widespread corruption within the industry, WHO and governments, and writes widely on the true drivers of human dysfunction and how to reclaim our autonomy.

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