Private consultations

Private coaching and consultations with Olga Sheean are available online. Please see rates and services here. E-mail or telephone consultations can be requested here. Olga Sheean reserves the right to increase her fees periodically.

The information provided during a consultation with Olga is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, where required. If you are currently under medical or psychiatric supervision or are taking medication, this must be disclosed beforehand. Sessions are not suitable for those who are too emotionally disturbed or physically challenged to take responsibility for themselves.

All activities are undertaken at your own risk and Olga does not accept liability for any personal injury that may occur.


Workshops are held in various locations, upon request. To attend a workshop or find out when the next one is being held in your area, please e-mail. Workshops are for singles, couples, corporate clients or anyone interested in empowering themselves through their relationships or interactions with others.

Olga Sheean disclaims all liability in relation to the information provided during her workshops. The information provided is not intended to be diagnostic and does not seek to replace the advice of trained medical practitioners, where such advice is required. Consequently, Olga Sheean is not responsible for any injury, damage, cost or loss of any kind to any individual as a result either directly or indirectly of any information provided during a workshop.