Jeramiah Morris

Olga has guided me in making choices and creating new directions that have brought me to where I am today—and I like where I am. I’ve experienced great results in health, leadership and career. Most importantly, I’ve attracted a loving and lasting relationship. I recommend Olga for anyone who wishes to create positive shifts in their life.

Clodagh Hughes

Olga has been my rock. She has a unique talent for helping individuals find and overcome whatever blocks them from achieving their true potential. Her insight, support and encouragement have been the making of me. If you want to reach as high as you can go, then Olga is someone you should tap into.

Reema D. full-time mum, Atlanta, USA

Olga has made such a positive difference in my life. She has a wonderful ability to clarify and simplify issues, even when they seem overwhelming; she then adds direction and motivation to make the issues manageable. She opened a path for meaningful personal growth and fulfillment, like nothing I have ever experienced before.

Pamela Post

Olga Sheean’s work steers us back to our formidable power to transform our lives for the better. All relationships are a reflection of the primary one we have with ourselves. Fit for Love is a guide to navigating through life and love, using our own inner compass. This work is neither complex nor theoretical. It is practical, transformative, empowering and very good for your health.

Lisa M. social worker, Victoria, BC, Canada

Olga has a healing presence and uses the wisdom of the ages to help people decipher and then shift what is blocking them from happiness, health and success. She helped me connect with my spiritual path, recognize my potential and gifts, and realign with what was true for me. I felt absolutely encouraged and supported.

Marie L. mother and writer, Dublin, Ireland

I was very stuck in my life and lacking in confidence. I had given up my career and dreams in order to raise a family, and life seemed very empty. With Olga’s help, I was able to rediscover my passion for screen-play writing and start building a new life for myself.


Olga, I took your advice and guess what!? It worked! Our love life is real after five years. I am very happy and feel enormously lucky. You have really helped me and you do your job so well. I feel as if an enormous weight has been lifted off me. I feel free!

Ann P.D. CEO, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Olga’s experience, talent and professionalism are second to none. I feel like I received a ‘complete scan’ of what was up for me in my session. Olga helped to translate this with precision and grace. Her insight and guidance were very helpful to me.

Kris S. musician, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Pure magic! That session changed my life forever.

K.L. Bassins, Vaud, Switzerland

I am very happy to report that, since our meetings with you, life for us has been magical! My husband and I are doing great. Thank you!

Gerry D. entrepreneur, Vancouver, BC, Canada

I have to say our consultation has changed my life—health-wise and personally! I can’t thank you enough.