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Also available through your local independent bookstore: ask them to order it for you via Ingram!

Elisabet Sahtouris, PhD

evolution biologist & futurist; author of EarthDance and 
Gaia's Dance.

Given the enormity of crises facing us, we all need to broaden our horizons to consider even seemingly impossible solutions. Olga Sheean takes on real dangers that could well wreck our entire future, and plays out a combination of far-out technologies, time travel and radical psychological transformations that come together in a clean, green and caring future. In our darkest times, fiction has always expanded our horizons to give us hope, so take this deep, insightful ride to lift your spirit!

Surprising and emotionally tense...

Deadly secrets, family ties, and quantum physics keep the pages turning in this first-rate SF thriller... Sheean expertly conveys complex family dynamics, finding room for insight and love in the midst of tragedy while her graceful touch gives the characters a rich complexity and depth. [...] The novel is sure to win Sheean many fans.

Olga Sheean's new novel is a story of grit, determination, loss and redemption. The Parents is a mystery–thriller that will take you to the edge of your seat… and push you over—into a madly creative, profoundly inspiring, deeply human, yet magical reality that exists on the other side of the illusion you currently call life.

This timely book opens up an intriguing new realm of possibilities for transforming your existence and enhancing your evolution—far beyond the current madness and crises in our world—while being grounded in a compelling human story to which everyone will relate.

Denise Rowland

Author, educator,
EMR researcher

This is the book to change entire generations. From a dystopian world where faceless connections have replaced human interaction, The Parents transports us into a future of limitless potential. With this impeccably crafted text, gifted writer Olga Sheean keeps the reader spellbound till the final chapter, delighting hearts, igniting minds and inspiring profound transformations.

Roger Herried

Clean-energy expert,
co-founder of the US Green Party

A wish-it-were-true revolutionary sci-fi thriller that would make Nikola Tesla smile and send the rest of us on a transformational journey back to a world worth living in!

Also available through your local independent bookstore: ask them to order it for you via Ingram!

Human drama, political intrigue, global crises, quantum physics, time travel, corruption, media mayhem, religious collapse, United Nations skulduggery, government scandals, romance, personal transformation, humour and high-tech rebels: The Parents brings us the ultimate life we all yearn for but don’t know how to create… and keeps readers guessing till the very end.

Heartfelt and compelling 

The Parents inspires change at a cellular level—an evolutionary leap for humanity and a global renaissance in the way we live, love, create, tele-communicate and grow. This is a life you will not want to leave. You will miss the characters, wish you could be them… and hope for a sequel.


Blown away!

If you've ever read a book that has moved you, changed your perceptions, caused you to pause, reflect and go, "hmmmmmm..." this be that book. At least, it certainly was for me. Since I've had the pleasure of dipping my toe into Sheean's eloquence with other books and articles, I knew I was in for a major treat at the outset. However, I wasn't prepared to literally be blown away by words on a page. Her talents are nothing short of artful mastery. If I may share a wee sample, "LOVE x GRATITUDE x TRUTH surely formed the cubic footage of the cosmos." - I rest my case. Thank you, Olga - MORE PLEASE!

Christine Zipps , Health advocate, photographer, writer, filmmaker

Mirjam Schouten, BASc

PR/HR consultant

Another brilliant book by Olga Sheean! Triggering tears and smiles, The Parents is an intriguing, educational, inspirational rollercoaster. An empowering must-read from one of the best.

Also available through your local independent bookstore: ask them to order it for you via Ingram!

About the author, Olga Sheean

Olga is an author, editor, disruptive thinker, compulsive wordsmith, therapist and mastery mentor specializing in human dynamics, creative potential and conscious evolution. Dedicated to exploring and exposing the true nature of reality, she writes widely on the underlying drivers of global crises, how to reclaim our personal autonomy, and how to engage the magic of quantum living.

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Olga has published seven other books 

1. Fit for Love—find your self and your perfect mate (2004)

2. The Alphabet of Powerful Existence—an A–Z guide to well-being, wisdom and worthiness (2013)

3. Gut Feelings—the inside story (2014) [fiction, based on fact]

4. A Talk on the Wild Side—imaginary interviews with unlikely sources of wisdom (2014) [fiction with inspiring, quirky messages]

5. EMF off! A call to consciousness in our misguidedly microwaved world (2018)

6. Tell Me the Truth—a code for freedom (2019), with related video

7. Psychocide Reversal—rebooting the species (2023)

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