My letter to Stephen King


How far would you go to save your world?

Dear Stephen King:

I write to you not in Desperation but because I am a Dreamcatcher—a dreamer and a visionary Under the Dome we call sky, taking The Stand for our beleaguered Earth.

This is no Fairy Tale, but a story of inspiration that came to me in my nights of Insomnia, wishing for a Doctor Sleep—many nights of Full Dark, No Stars, when the chapters accosted me, one by one, like Needful Things demanding to be downloaded into the realm where Everything’s Eventual, yet leaving me almost bereft at the end of my Night Shift, missing the characters and The Shining life they led, in a future we all dream of living, while so many dwell unknowing in The Dead Zone and the Misery of unconscious humanity, diminished by The Regulators, inside and out.

This is a story for Different Seasons, for new, unimagined seasons—a Firestarter, to fire people up, igniting in them a passion for creative evolution and quantum potentiation. Not just a Skeleton Crew of movers and shakers who try to inspire the masses to power up and take off, to Blaze a trail through their own unenlivened existence.

This is a timely, urgent invitation to The Outsider and to every one of us who wants to truly live—to lift ourselves out of our dreaded Nightmares and Dreamscapes, to break free of the digi-Danse Macabre through the Waste Lands of needy dysfunction, living only the Dark Half of our humanness, our spirits growing ever Thinner, forgetting the wisdom of antiquity and the memories of our Hearts in Atlantis. This is a wireless world in need of Elevation, to avoid the End of Watch; we no longer need to ask If It Bleeds.

I feel it in my aging Bag of Bones and in every Cell of my being, and I know that this is IT!

I have read that Stephen King Goes to the Movies, and I wonder… How far would he go to save his world?

I invite you to take a trip with The Parents, to explore their novel existence, to feel the Pulse of potency in their story, and to be The Talisman conferring supernatural powers of persuasion who can come back Later and tell the world (and me) what he thinks.

In admiration,

Olga Sheean

—an avid fan who has read 20+ of your books and for whom the novelty never wears off, hoping I do not end up in The Dark Tower-of-Babel books on your ‘guilt table’…