The Split: why we’ve lost consciousness and need to wake up

To reclaim our rightful autonomy and make sense of the world’s crises, injustices and destruction, we must understand the true drivers of human dysfunction.

Centuries ago, we lost something very precious. It radically changed the course of our evolution, progressively disconnecting us from our humanity and bringing us to the brink of destruction. Deprived of this vital nourishment, we have fallen prey to manic marketing, fear-mongering, tantalizing smart tech, seductive social media and addictive mobile connectivity…seeking to reconnect. Instead, we find ourselves in the midst of a moral, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and planetary breakdown…and we urgently need to reconnect with the truth.

When Emperor Constantine made Christianity the ruling religion in the Roman Empire in the early 300s, he made life hell for those who refused to convert, using torture and intimidation. Those who submitted were afforded tax breaks and social ‘acceptability’, but they were also forced to accept the idea that they were sinful, innately unworthy and in need of a religious intermediary to plead their case before a judgemental God (while paying dearly for the privilege). In the process, they lost their connection to their inner spiritual selves.

But religious dictatorship dealt an even deadlier blow to humanity.

Throughout the Middle Ages and beyond, it crushed all opposing philosophies and innate spiritual wisdom, especially the ancient teachings that celebrated our spiritual essence, profound connection with our living planet, and capacity for spiritual evolution—a tradition that would have taken us in entirely the opposite direction to our current digital dependence. Many of those versed in ancient wisdom were burnt at the stake to deter other dissenters and to obliterate their powerful knowledge. Forced instead to be ruled, condemned and do penance for whatever the Church deemed to be sinful, politically expedient or just plain lucrative, we lost our pathway to conscious evolution.

The split from innate knowing

Thus began the Split—humanity’s divergence from innate intelligence, spiritual sovereignty and natural balance, towards a self-serving hierarchy imposed by man. The quest for self-knowledge and enlightenment was brutally quashed by a religious construct designed to dominate and disempower. Over time, stripped of our own spiritual guidance and awareness of natural phenomena, we increasingly disconnected from our divinity and Mother Earth.

Now, centuries later, with many more religions requiring servitude, the Split continues to widen. We have lost touch with the need for symbiosis with nature; our spiritual access to universal intelligence; our awareness of how cosmic forces affect us; our creative and healing powers; and the truth itself.

We have lost touch with the need for symbiosis with nature; our spiritual access to universal intelligence; our awareness of how cosmic forces affect us; our creative and healing powers; and the truth itself.

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When our ancestors lost this vital connection, their enforced beliefs got handed down through successive generations, with newborns automatically becoming a certain religion the moment they popped out of the womb. The programming continued throughout their upbringing, deepening the disempowering doctrines of unworthiness and the need to atone. Even atheists could not escape the fumes from the religious engines revving all around them. They were in the air they breathed, the words they heard, the superstitions they picked up, the sainted names of schools, hospitals and institutions, the religious garb worn by adherents, the legal and political infrastructures, and the judgements made if they were not part of the same religious club.

Stuck in self-destruct mode

Imposing religious dogma didn’t just force the early converts to kowtow to the Church; turning to this new god meant turning against themselves. On the dial of human consciousness, the needle got stuck on self-destruct when our hearts and souls were hijacked for political gain.

Believing ourselves to be inherently unworthy breeds self-rejection, which promotes self-sabotage and destructive behaviour, which has led to the progressive degradation of our planet. This destructive programming has become so deeply embedded in our psyche that most people are completely unaware of it running—and often ruining—their lives.

At least 60 degrees of separation

The Split has caused a progressive separation from—and destruction of—key aspects of life. Denatured foods; drug-based healthcare; dysfunctional relationships; polluted environment; depleted natural resources; corrupt governments; profit-driven industry; harmful, exploitative technologies; and the irradiation of our entire planet… we are endlessly creative in the ways we sabotage our own survival.

Our denial of the obvious is an integral part of the programming designed to derail our empowered evolution. It is our most potent form of self-sabotage, undermining our self-image, relationships, health, career, finances and fulfillment.

Our subconscious self-rejection also manifests itself in our bodies, with disease proliferating worldwide—especially auto-immune diseases, which are the direct result of the body attacking itself. Largely due to emotional neglect, we have become a cancer society, consuming ourselves from the inside out. If unresolved, the self-destruct software programmed into us at the cellular level causes our cells to attack themselves.

In the grip of global PTSD, driven by our unmet emotional and spiritual needs, we compromise our values, integrity and health, distract ourselves from our pain and trauma, and do whatever we can to feed our empty hearts and souls. Social media helps fill the void, but it fails to provide a cure. Instead, it keeps us distracted, unfulfilled and desperately seeking… something.

Few are conscious enough to confront the causal core, and our programming keeps us from perceiving our diminished sense of self, our negative beliefs and the reality upon which our lives are built. If our sense of self is founded on a lie, we won’t want to hear the truth (and may not recognize it if we do).

We have been sold a bill of gods…but will we buy the truth?

When we remove all constructs founded on fear and punishment, we realize they are designed to disempower us. They keep us from recognizing that our power lies in not being bound by limiting beliefs, but in understanding where all true power is born, bred and propagated: in our own hearts and minds.

Our self-reject, self-destruct programming is now so deeply engrained, its reach so pervasive, and its impact so catastrophic that we fail to see the bigger picture. We think disease is normal; political corruption is inevitable; environmental destruction will be cancelled out by job creation and a booming economy; and the irradiation of all life on earth is necessary for global advancement. Yet, no matter how bad things get, our subconscious programming will always override logic, science and even the most compelling arguments for saving our planet… unless we consciously change it.

Changing our minds changes everything… and brings us back together

Consequently, the Split has caused a cascade of dysfunction that has brought us to the current gaping chasm between our atrophied hearts and today’s ruthless tech takeover.

Science won’t fix this—and hard-core scientists won’t touch spiritual stuff. Lawsuits won’t fix it—and they only further divide us. New laws won’t fix it—and existing protective laws and human rights conventions are being violated by the very institutions that created them. Blaming others won’t fix it—because the problem is not out there. Religion certainly won’t fix it—and seeking comfort there is like paying protection money to a Mafia that’s harming us. While we must push back against oppression, that won’t change the programming that drives our dysfunction.

Programming: how we got from there to here

The indoctrination of our ancestors caused certain pivotal beliefs to become so deeply embedded in the human psyche that they now pervade the collective mindset without anyone making the connection or realizing what’s really going on.

Regardless of whether we are religious or not, we have all (through schooling, religion, upbringing or society) been programmed to varying degrees to believe that:

  • we are sinful, unworthy, unacceptable or not good enough
  • we must defer to an external authority and no longer have faith in ourselves
  • we are powerless to create or orchestrate our own lives
  • we need a system to fix things for us
  • spirituality is lightweight/invalid and only rational, measurable scientific processes count
  • we must compromise in order to be accepted/approved of by others, or otherwise pay a price

Programming creates sustained unthinking conformity. Changing it creates resistance—objections, denial, anger and defensiveness—even in the face of the truth, and the depth of the programming reflects how much of a person is being suppressed. The deeper the programming, therefore, the greater the resistance to seeing it for what it really is… and the greater the payoff for transforming it.

A crescendo of crises—the hallmark of a symptomatic approach

When we fail to understand the true cause of our crises, the symptoms get progressively worse, pulling us even further outside ourselves. We blindly react to the chaos this creates, caught in the spin cycle of our own unconscious making. Disease, climate change, addiction, corruption, depression and despair—the growing symptoms of the Split cause emotional and physical burnout that further erodes wholeness and health. No longer conscious of our essential interconnectedness, we squander our most precious resources.

When we fail to understand the true cause of our crises, the symptoms get progressively worse, pulling us even further outside ourselves.

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We seek solutions to climate change, when it’s our emotional climate that must change.

But when we understand how our beliefs define our reality, we begin to see that our circumstances reflect what is going on inside. Global crises therefore serve to graphically illustrate the power/nature of our collective programming (subconscious beliefs), pushing us to address that root cause, rather than focusing on the increasing fallout. Unless we choose to consciously evolve—by embodying beliefs that elevate consciousness and honour all aspects of life—we will be consumed by the chaos we have subconsciously created… and palliative care will be all that remains.

If, instead, we open up to those higher dimensions to regain what our ancestors lost, we will ultimately realign with our innate wisdom. We will also realize that the early Church State, having bred subservience, self-rejection and spiritual disconnection, set the scene for a soulless tech takeover.

A wireless wake-up call for humanity

Now, with 5G (the fifth generation of wireless technology), we are seeing the deadly effects of that disconnect. This technology threatens to annihilate life on Earth by irradiating us from space and everywhere in our environment, with billions of antennae broadcasting destruction.

We blame governments for harming us, yet it is our programming that has disrupted the natural order of things.

That natural order was understood by the Gnostic teachers of ancient wisdom[1], who saw the cosmos as a living entity interacting and co-evolving with human consciousness. With their profound knowledge of sacred geometry, physics, cosmology, astronomy, mathematics and holistic medicine, they understood that humans were capable of godlike creations and enlightenment through the study of natural phenomena and planetary intelligence.

Echoing that ancient wisdom, quantum physics is now demonstrating how our thoughts and emotions generate physical outcomes, how we are all connected via a unified field of energy, and how consciousness creates our reality. We are mentally, emotionally, neurologically and spiritually designed to create; by elevating our consciousness, we can literally change our world. If we wish to thrive—or even survive—as a species, we must reconnect with the truth, nature’s magic and our own creatorship.

Instead, we berate and condemn each other for the many terrible things we are doing—calling ourselves losers, selfish, blind, worthless and greedy. Yet our actions are not evidence of us being terrible human beings; they merely demonstrate how staggeringly good a job the early Church did in programming us. It judged and condemned us first, and we have been perpetuating that condemnation ever since—condemning ourselves and others, while failing to recognize and embody our true humanity.

Betrayed beyond belief

This vicious betrayal continues to pervert the human psyche and derail our evolution. It represents the greatest-ever desecration of the human spirit and it stems from this brutal fact: our ancestors were persecuted and burned alive because they believed in themselves. They believed in their own wisdom, their inherent divinity, the vital importance of communing with nature and our capacity for co-evolving with the living cosmos. They vehemently opposed the vengeful alien god being forced upon them, knowing that it was the very opposite of what humanity needed for consciousness, harmony and prosperity to prevail.

We have been conned and turned against ourselves at the deepest possible level. We urgently need to reclaim the ancient wisdom that was taken from us, and to start telling ourselves and each other how truly extraordinary we are. We must start believing in ourselves again—having faith in ourselves and in each other, rather than continuing our robotic rituals in a blind search for what is missing within.

The plot thickens… paradoxically

There are many other parallels between ancient and current times, and many tragic ironies [2].

The Church has gained immense power by preaching lies and crushing the human spirit—just as the trillion-dollar wireless industry has gained power by suppressing the truth about wireless radiation and violating humanity by irradiating us without our informed consent.

Ancient wisdom promoted conscious evolution, which is precisely why the Church suppressed it. In its place, it bred shame, self-rejection and the notion of a vengeful god that condoned the slaughter of heathens—in reality, those who fostered self-love, unity and cosmic understanding. Today, those exposing destructive political agendas and speaking the truth are blacklisted and censored on social media; some are silenced permanently.

Much of today’s scientific knowledge—including the basic principles of computer science, without which the digital age would not exist—came from our ancestors’ esoteric knowledge, which directly inspired discoveries made by Plato, Newton etc, yet is rejected by most scientists today. Nature and our bodies’ innate intelligence protect us from illness, unless weakened by fear/punishment.

When the Church stripped science of its esoteric elements, it led to the current deadly imbalance in our spiritually bankrupt modern society and technologies. The push for pharma-driven ‘solutions’ has undermined our natural immunity and our faith in our innate healing powers.

The brutal eradication of esoteric/spiritual wisdom bred such terror that we are still, today, afraid to challenge religions… so the sin spin goes on. Under the guise of a pandemic, fear-mongering has turned much of the population into sheep, blindly allowing themselves to be ‘taken care of’ by the governments intentionally harming them.

But the most devastating irony of all is this: those who have been deeply programmed often fiercely defend the religions that told them they were unworthy, while often attacking those who try to tell them the truth. They do this because religious programming in our formative years becomes so deeply enmeshed with our sense of self that challenging it is tantamount to challenging our existence.

The real original sin

It would be impossible to adequately convey the profound schism caused by centuries of religious dictatorship, although some experts have documented its tragic trajectory [3]. 

In his extraordinary book, Not in His Image, John Lamb Lash chronicles how the Church massacred, tortured, persecuted, lied and terrorized its way to supremacy… and then wrote its own version of what happened. Lash also shares the true origins and nature of our immensely wise and earth-loving ancestors, exposing the Church’s distortion of concepts such as heresy (which actually comes from a Greek word meaning to freely choose) and Paganism—a culture that deeply respected the land and sensory experience as a spiritual pathway[4]. 

In reading that shocking history, we can glimpse the enormity of what the Church has done… and covered up. But no one has calculated what it has cost us—or challenged the current perpetuators of that original sin against humanity. Two thousand years is a long time to get away with murder, yet the deadly programming continues unchecked, while our world descends into unconscious, chaotic self-destruction.

The Church and the wireless industry now run on parallel lines of programmed de-humanization, with one having paved the way for the other, and both now costing us the Earth. Big Pharma has joined the party, now running its own parallel drug line, with all three helping each other take control of humanity.

Yet they jointly also represent a deeper calling.

Digital superhighway or divine super-human?

Derailed on our evolutionary path, divested of our divine birthright, and degraded in our self-image, we now stand at a crucial crossroads in our existence. We can continue speeding down the superhighway of digital denial, dementia and destruction, or we can take the scenic route to super-human creatorship and a universe of infinite potential.

But can we become conscious enough to see the deadly virus that infects human software? Can we uninstall and reboot?

Paradoxically, there is a divine–digital interplay that holds a potential breakthrough for humankind. If we once again become grounded in the truth and in the Earth itself (and if we ground/hardwire our wireless devices), we can simultaneously reconnect with our innate spiritual wisdom and universal consciousness. Connecting with the Earth and our higher faculties fosters enlightenment and conscious evolution. The digital age can then serve humanity, promoting true global awareness, infinite growth and spiritual fulfillment.

Becoming conscious and healing our emotional dysfunction is the most powerful thing we can do to restore personal and planetary health.

It’s not our leaders that we need to change; it’s our minds. It’s not about understanding politics, the law or human rights; it’s about becoming conscious of just how deeply we have been programmed, how far we have strayed from our humanity and how disconnected we have become from our own divinity, our living planet, and the phenomenal power of our minds.

Negatively programmed, our minds create hell on Earth. Positively programmed, our minds can elevate us to the highest echelons of human consciousness and evolution—infinitely more enlightening, empowering and life-enhancing than any killer-‘smart’ technologies.

We must snap out of our tech-driven stupor, regain full consciousness and wake up to the truth.

Previously published in Best Self magazine: https://bestselfmedia.com/the-split-why-we-lost-consciousness/

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About the author

Olga Sheean is a former UN international civil servant, an author, editor, disruptive thinker, therapist and mastery coach specializing in human dynamics, creative potential and conscious evolution. She has documented the bio-effects of wireless radiation, exposing the widespread corruption within the industry, WHO and governments, and writes widely on the true drivers of human dysfunction and how to reclaim our autonomy.

  • Olga – I just “discovered” you this evening. Given our backgrounds, explorations and orientations, I am wondering if you would be open to having a conversation sometime soon. Christianity was corrupted yes by Roman empire, from “ownership” principle of “koinonia” to Roman “dominium” and this is also of great importance. I am a transpersonal psychotherapist and also work for “earth rights” and “community ground rent” tax policy.

  • Olga,
    Amazing insights and I have got the book (one of) Not in his image and I can not wait to dive in – although not really these church horror stories… Leave much to be desired.
    I feel humanity will pull through thanks to people like yourself who inform us any and every which way 👌
    Keep going and inform the masses – not all will want to know but those that do are so happy to have you ❤️
    Kindness galore

    • Thank you, Catherine. I appreciate that generous feedback. My latest book, Psychocide Reversal–rebooting the species, explores these issues more thoroughly, along with the practical steps for transforming negative programming, dissolving dysfunction, reclaiming ourselves and upgrading our circumstances, regardless of what’s happening out there, in the world. see olgasheean.com/psychocide, if interested. It comes with a free downloadable workbook and is, effectively, a manual for self-ownership and for activating our full selves in order to create our personal reality.

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