This is evilution: and the sin spin goes on…

The square is thronging with people and thickly charged with tension. A pungent smell fills the air and the noise is deafening. Hecklers spit, hurling rotten fruit, screaming obscenities, their faces contorted with hatred. Groups of huddled women keen and wail inconsolably, men standing rigidly beside them, their faces and knuckles white with impotent anger. Around them, Christian enforcers circle on horseback, ensuring that nobody leaves before it is over.

At the centre sits the pyre—a 10-metre-high construction of logs around a wooden pillar to which the young woman is bound with thick rope soaked in pitch. She has been gagged but her chilling screams pierce the air as the flames take hold. Her mother collapses, unconscious, and her husband falls to his knees, beating his head on the ground and covering his ears. The fire rages, splitting her flesh, the fat spitting and the limbs starting to curl, straining against the bindings. Her body becomes a shimmering mirage of heat. Suddenly, the screaming stops and the fire consumes her, black smoke obliterating her form as it sucks up the last seconds of her life.

She was 26, a dark-haired beauty and a highly respected teacher of astronomy, sacred geometry, enlightenment and the mysteries of personal and planetary consciousness.

Today, we might call those mysteries quantum physics, although we are only just beginning to glimpse the true power and nature of human consciousness.

Back then, the Church called it heresy, paganism and many other things they claimed were ungodly and debauched.

Our ancestors were burned alive because of their vast knowledge and because they believed in themselves. They believed in their innate wisdom, their spiritual autonomy, their inherent divinity and their capacity to commune with nature and the cosmos.

Power to the people, not the steeple 

They vehemently opposed the vengeful god being forced upon them by the Christians, knowing it was not valid and was the very opposite of what humanity needed in order to find unity. They knew it would derail our evolution… and it did.

Long before all that, millennia ago, our ancestors developed profound spiritual wisdom and cultivated enlightenment, unity and divine awareness of our pivotal place within a living cosmos. Their universities were filled with passionate teachers and free thinkers, expert in astronomy, sacred geometry, physics, navigation, medicine and natural phenomena, dedicated to exploring the mysteries of humanity and the universe… until the early Church State came along and ground it all into the dust.

Massacred over many centuries, our ancestors died with the truth …and we are now living with the lies. They were burned alive because they knew the truth about humanity, nature and the cosmos, and they refused to surrender to the alien doctrine being forced upon them.

Are we going to break this cycle?

They knew the religious indoctrination represented a suppression of our true nature and a deliberate derailment off our evolutionary path. They knew the power of their teachings because they had direct experience of their own divinity and creatorship, the healing powers of nature, and the human capacity to co-evolve with our living cosmos.

Read the real history of Christendumb and you will see just how wise we used to be… BC.

Spiritual sedition and sedation:
predatory politics disguised as our salvation.

The Church did such a good job and still does. You don’t even have to think for yourself. Above all, do not think for yourself. It tells you what to think about yourself (you are sinful, worthless, beyond redemption), what to think about God (obey, submit, do what we say, or else…) and what God thinks of you (whatever the Church decides).

Just as the wireless telecom industry tells you what to like, what to buy, where to go and what you need.

The Church did such a good job that you don’t have to worry about your spirit or soul. There’s a god to redeem you! On the other hand, you weren’t sinful until the Church said you were. On the contrary: you had limitless potential for co-creation, a profound connection with nature, and an innate wisdom that loved and leveraged the interconnectedness of both.

Just as the wireless industry has saved us from inconvenience, isolation or phone-less dangers, yet has in reality hijacked our souls for commerce, power and digital dictatorship.

The Church did such a good job that it affected every facet of modern society, with its disempowering doctrines now so pervasive and so deeply embedded in the human psyche that we are oblivious to our beliefs not being our own.

Just as the wireless telecom industry has permeated the mind and body of every human on the planet, as well as irradiating almost every inch of the planet itself, while the majority remain all but oblivious to the devastation and impending collapse.

The Church did such a good job that you don’t have to question the true meaning of certain words, which it very thoughtfully redefined: it told us heretics were heathens who rejected the Church’s worthy teachings (when the word heretic actually means to freely choose what to believe); it told us Pagans were crude, primitive, licentious, savage people (when they were, in fact, deeply connected to the earth, with a strong sense of community and sensory perception); and it told us blasphemy was a sin against god (when it referred to anything that threatened the Church’s own power).

Just as the wireless telecom industry calls its services nice friendly things like WiFi, mobile connectivity, endless fun, freedom! (instead of radiation, sickness, destruction and death). We could just call it the windustry, because it will win… with our continued support.

The Church did such a good job of making us believe occult was synonymous with dark, evil magic (when it actually means hidden and referred to the mystical teachings that our ancestors tried to protect from the Church’s brutal suppression of all enlightened thinking).

Just as the wireless industry tells us 5G is harmless and an evolutionary leap forward for humanity, while suppressing the truth and silencing those who daringly declare it.

The early Church did such a good job of indoctrinating people, convincing them they were sinful and unworthy, never to be good enough, always to depend on an imposed higher authority.

Just as the wireless telecom industry convinced people that mobile phones were necessary and good, essential for the economy and efficient modern living.

The converts from both camps now forcefully defend their right to continue to abuse themselves (and others)—firstly, in the name of a god that is supposed to save us from ourselves (while emotionally and spiritually enslaving us); and, secondly, in the name of progress (while making us physically, logistically and digitally dependent).

You don’t have to worry that the Church will ever let you down. It is the richest demonocracy on earth, preaching salvation through condemnation, shame, self-loathing and dependence. What’s not to love? Look around you and you will see exactly what not loving is.

Just as the wireless industry has got you completely covered, with cell towers and satellites beaming radiation into your home and everywhere else you might choose to be (or are allowed to be), without you ever losing your cell-phone signal (or that signal ever losing track of you).

We are now doing what the Church did to our ancestors—and taught us to do. In our fear and confusion, we are turning on each other, condemning each other for failing to conform to the fear-mongering and the digital doctrine that is supposed to save us; and we are turning against ourselves, no longer trusting our bodies to keep us healthy or our minds to create the world we wish to see.

In the same way that the Church ruthlessly, mercilessly imposed its reign, the wireless telecom industry has taken over our lives, despite the massive harm it is knowingly causing and the fact that it is costing us the Earth.

From religious indoctrination to digital spindoctrination…

Can you see the connection? The parallels are many, although the current takeover is primarily an outcome of the first—and a resounding echo from the devastating untold story of our past.

When our ancestors spoke the truth, exposing the unfounded, self-serving claims of the early Church, they were branded blasphemers or heretics. Now, anyone who attempts to expose the truth about the global takeover is called a conspiracy theorist.

Same old story, with one takeover having paved the way for the other. But don’t worry: both have done such a good job that it will probably be the last one.

Back then, our ancestors had no choice. It was submit or burn to death. Now, we can choose—and we must if we are ever to regain our health, natural balance, humanity and freedom.

Back then, those complicit in the takeover threw stones, denounced their family/friends for a reward, or maybe even lit the match.

Things are a lot more sophisticated now. Today, they simply use a cell phone.

This is evilution.

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About the author

Olga Sheean is a former UN international civil servant, an author, editor, disruptive thinker, therapist and mastery coach specializing in human dynamics, creative potential and conscious evolution. She has documented the bio-effects of wireless radiation, exposing the widespread corruption within the industry, WHO and governments, and writes widely on the true drivers of human dysfunction and how to reclaim our autonomy.

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