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Your guide to the code for freedom

Learn the code that will transform the way you think and live.

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This book exposes the deeper truth of what is happening in our world and what it means. With technology taking over our lives, we ourselves are failing to evolve ...and it is costing us the earth.

The truth in this book will inspire you to dig deeply inside yourself, to reclaim your personal autonomy and to engage your humanity. It enables you to see the technology spin for what it is, to disconnect from electronic gadgets so you can reconnect with the real you, and to trade inanimate wireless devices for heartfelt connections, a return to spiritual sovereignty and healthy choices for the planet that sustains us.

The voracious advance of technology is leaching the life out of us. Do you want technology to run your life? Do you want it to control your mind, emotions, reactions and choices, without your awareness or permission? Do you know what you will lose if you lose your humanity? And can you see what you are being challenged to do, at this crucial point in human evolution? Choosing to consciously evolve is the only way to halt the technology take-over.

​This book will connect you with what is really happening, why it is happening and what you can do about it. There is a deeper purpose to all of this, just as there is a deeper purpose to you.

Reclaim your freedom to live the life you choose, for everyone's sake. We need each other. We must not allow technology to run—and ruin—our world, as it surely will if we do not make our humanity, our health and our personal evolution more important than anything else on earth.  

Learn how to embody the code in your life

The deeper truth can be hard to swallow—and even harder to embody, as it means letting go of preconceived ideas about how things really work.

If we are not living the truth, we are living the lies programmed into us by others, trapped in a make-believe world of struggle and hardship. Only by harnessing the truth can we experience the magic and freedom that our enlightened selves can create.

This course will reconnect you with your true self and your creative capacities, inspiring you to make conscious choices that bring fulfillment, self-mastery and peace.

You will learn how to:

  • turn challenges into breakthroughs
  • re-wire your brain for health and success
  • evolve consciously, on your terms 
  • ​activate your creative capacities
  • restore sanity and humanity to your world
  • ​be the real you and live a life you love
  • fulfill your vision of the future
  • find true freedom

If we are not living the truth, we are trapped in a make-believe world of struggle and hardship.
Find your freedom.