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Video production and editing by Lewis Evans

Healing the self to heal the Earth

Author, educator and empowerment therapist Olga Sheean explores the root cause of crises and how to start turning things around. In the second half of this two-part conversation, she shares seven things we can do to help create the world we want (download the document here).

Specializing in human dynamics, creative potential and conscious evolution, Olga is dedicated to exposing the deeper truth about what is happening in our world. A former magazine editor, photo-journalist for WWF International, and editor for the United Nations, she writes widely on the true drivers of human dysfunction and how to reclaim our health, freedom and autonomy. See olgasheean.com and emfoff.com.

Recommended books by Olga:

The Parents—how far would you go to save your world? A mystery-thriller that transports you into a whole new world of enlightened possibilities and very real solutions, with a fast-paced plot that will keep you guessing till the end.

EMF off! A call to consciousness in our misguidedly microwaved world. A wireless wake-up call and a message for all humanity, this book reveals the underlying drivers of the epidemics, environmental degradation, breakdown of social mores, undermining of human rights, and increasing mental illness that characterize modern society—and how to embrace our infinite capacity for conscious holistic evolution and bio-friendly technologies.

See here for Olga’s other books.

For more on understanding and addressing crises and dysfunction, see: The Split—why we’ve lost consciousness and need to wake up

Olga’s free online course—the Gamechanger primer—shows people how to start changing a key aspect of negative programming, in order to create the outcomes they seek. (Full Gamechanger course coming in mid-2021.)

This interview was originally published on https://robertdavidsteele.com.