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Video production and editing by Lewis Evans

About Psychocide Reversal
This book challenges the conventional narratives about how the world works, proposing a unique rationale for global crises …and transformation. It is designed to profoundly change people’s minds about who they are and what is possible in life, exposing the real virus corrupting our human software, and the true agents of our downfall, buried inside us all.

It explores the essence of our humanness, providing a system for transforming negative programming, resolving dysfunction and promoting an understanding of the root cause of all crises.

It is designed to enable us to reclaim our innate wisdom, heal our psychocide* and embody healthy human dynamics, while addressing the true drivers of dysfunction, conflict and co-dependence.

*psychocide: the killing of our independent, critical, free-thinking minds; the distortion, perversion of the human soul, mind or spirit. It explains how crises, challenges and conflicts provide all the practical clues we need for turning
things around …once we understand what they represent and where they are pushing us to go.

Psychocide Reversal provides a unique understanding of our thwarted humanness and the historical reasons for the current tech takeover. In doing so, it presents some inconvenient truths, challenging individuals to confront their inner demons, understand their multidimensional nature and take full ownership of themselves, in order to realize their true potential.

The book provides an in-depth understanding of:

  • the true drivers of global dysfunction, disease and dictatorship;
  • why life has become progressively denatured and how to restore the natural balance;
  • the reasons for the tech takeover and our role in its unfolding;
  • how to reclaim our personal autonomy;
  • the politics of disempowerment and where true governance lies;
  • how to reconnect with our sentient planet and restore the natural chain of life;
  • how to positively reprogram and master our minds, elevate our consciousness and activate our higher faculties as creators of our own reality;
  • the practical processes for rebooting the species for a world that works.

The book also explores how and why we have become addicted to cell phones and other wireless devices, beyond the physical convenience and sense of safety that they provide. Yet the backdrop and precursor to this addiction has an even more pervasive hold on humanity that has yet to be collectively recognized.

Psychocide Reversal shows how the biggest addiction from which we must detox is man’s distorted version of God via religions, which prevents us from seeing its ruinous impact on the collective human psyche and on personal and planetary health. This is the ultimate authority figure to which we have been conditioned to defer, at huge cost to our own higher intelligence, authority, spirituality and self-worth.

It has conditioned us to defer to other ‘higher authorities’: government, Big Pharma, Big Tech—the external ‘higher powers’ of the digital dictatorship, the triumvirate of transhumanism that runs our lives, all feeding each other in a never-ending loop of coerced, fear-based, sanitized subservience.

The book explains how this came about as a direct result of the religious indoctrination of our ancestors, and the resulting fears that drive our relationships, performance and behaviour. That pivotal usurpation led to the split from our innate spiritual wisdom and promoted the progressive denaturing of life. It corrupted the human psyche, eroded healthy self-acceptance (which has led to unconscious self-rejection and increasingly self-destructive living), promoted global PTSD, and inevitably led to the current inanimate tech-driven takeover.

Yet all of those elements have a deeper purpose relating to our individual and collective empowerment.

Psychocide Reversal explores our interconnectedness via the unified field of consciousness, the power of planetary tantra for the ultimate cosmic connection, the importance of putting planet first, and how to reconnect with our sentient planet for personal and planetary healing. It takes readers on a journey of self-discovery and self-reclamation that puts humanity back where it was evolutionarily destined to be, transporting us far beyond where inanimate technologies can ever take us, and exploring our capacity to co-create our ultimate reality.

Giving up our addictions, unhealthy dependencies and false beliefs, and replacing them with a healthy sense of personal autonomy and a deep connection with our authentic selves, enables us to clearly see where the true power lies and how to start living it.

This is a confronting, thought-provoking, action-inspiring book for those who are willing to confront their negative conditioning, take responsibility for their lives and recognize that personal transformation is the key to global change.

In addition to drawing from Olga’s training, research and expertise in the fields of nutrition, holistic health, subconscious programming, the power of the mind and the nature of reality, the book includes some 200 references to substantiate scientific and other content.

As a companion to the book, there is a free downloadable workbook.