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Video production and editing by Lewis Evans

Olga explains how human dysfunction, due to negative programming, drives all challenges and crises in our world. Only by changing how we have been programmed to think, perceive, project, expect and behave can we change the symptoms (the crises) of our unresolved dysfunction.

Providing some important context for what is currently missing in our lives, and going back many generations, Olga explains how our ancestors were stripped of their wisdom, faith in self, personal/spiritual autonomy and connection to nature. They were also taught to fear and defer to an external authority, which is why we are now so readily controlled by fear-mongering and the threat of harm, and why we remain largely disconnected from our own wisdom, autonomy and humanity. 

Told they were sinful, unworthy and in need of an external authority to save them, our ancestors were also forced to self-reject. This has led to a desperate need for acceptance, and a world of guilt, shame, self-loathing, condemnation and a progressive disconnect from who we really are. This kind of programming also generates self-destructive behaviour that undermines our health, freedom, success and the viability of the planet itself. 

But we can change all this, as only we can. Even if all the bad guys are taken down, our dysfunction will remain, so addressing this crucial driver is the key to us creating a world we love, where we thrive and prosper as we are designed to do when we reclaim and activate our amazing multi-dimensional selves. 

If we don't know what's missing in us, we won't go looking for it. Once we understand how we got to this point, however, and how powerfully we generate our own reality (based on our positive/negative programming), all of the chaos in our world finally starts to make sense. Cultivating an awareness of our true creatorship, among children and adults alike, will make all the difference in the world.