Why we’ve lost the plot…
and how to write a new story with a happy ending

Years ago, I saw a cartoon of a chiropractor talking to his patient. “The problem with your back,” he tells him, “is your front…” and he points to the patient’s large belly, which is pulling his spine out of alignment. It’s a good metaphor for our times, since we are looking in the wrong place for what ails us, failing to make the connection between what is happening out there and what is happening inside.

When we consider the current epidemic of conflict and divisiveness in our world—with colleagues, friends, families, spouse or children—it all appears to be happening out there, in our external environment, beyond our control. Yet all of those external dynamics are driven by a fundamental inner conflict—a conflict between who we have been programmed to be and who we truly are. This tragic mismatch manifests as relationship issues, rejection, insecurities, neediness, abuse, corruption, wars and condemnation of self and others. And the corruption we see out there is a reflection of the corruption of our true human state. Resolving that inner conflict is therefore the only way to resolve the rampant disease, dysfunction and despair in our world, so we can heal and regain control over our health and our lives.

How we got here

Due to programming that began with the brutal religious indoctrination of our ancestors in the early 300s, we have progressively separated from our super-humanness—deferring to external authorities, losing faith in ourselves, believing that we are unworthy/unacceptable (which causes us to reject self and others), living in fear and self-doubt, and disconnecting from nature and our own innate wisdom.

Since then, over many generations, we have progressively outsourced all of our needs and faculties to external authorities, losing ownership and control of crucial aspects of ourselves, and surrendering responsibility for every key aspect of life:

by buying from supermarkets and eating processed foods, vs eating natural, organic wholefoods from farm coops, farmers’ markets or our own gardens

by relying on harmful wireless devices that further disconnect us from ourselves and each other, vs heart-to-heart connections, human intuition and telepathy (yes, it’s possible!)

by depending on industries that exploit and deplete our natural resources, vs eco-excellence, earth-friendly choices and putting planet first

by deferring to external government authorities, vs self-governance and leadership in our own lives

by choosing convenience and comfort, vs daring, self-directed autonomy

by relying on doctors and pharmaceutical drugs, vs our own immunity and nature’s potent medicines

by accepting political spin and/or religious dogma, vs thinking critically, using our own wisdom, inner guidance and spiritual prowess.

Reclaiming ourselves may seem impossible. We are programmed to defer to external authorities, rather than to be empowered, so we may doubt that we can take charge of our bodies, minds and lives. 

Yet that is what we must do if we are ever to thrive as nature intended. All the external props we have used (which only take us further down the rabbit hole of dysfunction and disease) are there to show us what is missing inside—and what we must do to get back on track with our health and humanity.

Whatever we see as missing or wrong in our world is what we must embody and address in ourselves.

As within so without…

If we look at what is being done to us, we see that we are doing all of those same things to ourselves and each other—violating boundaries, not respecting our own values, avoiding emotional honesty, blaming and shaming, over-extending ourselves and harming our health, not eating properly, living in fear/stress/anxiety, putting ourselves down, and generally living a lie. We have been so thoroughly convinced of the lies programmed into us that we cannot see the truth of who we are or of what is really going on. If we stop self-rejecting, self-destructing, condemning ourselves and each other, we will no longer attract circumstances that reflect our negative beliefs and projections. Transforming our programming in practical, everyday ways enables us to break the cycle and attract the world we want.

The deeper truth of our super-humanness

Unless we know the truth about the nature of reality and our true human nature, we cannot find lasting solutions to the problems we face... or understand what created them.

There are many interpretations of the truth, but there is only one universal truth of who we are as fully actualized human beings: creators with vast, untapped higher capacities for creating a superlative life. We all operate from different layers of the truth, depending on our awareness. But being aware of circumstances is not the same thing as being aware of the deeper truth about who and what we really are.

The superficial layers of truth can be confusing because they seem real, yet they are merely what we are programmed to perceive, without understanding what lies beneath. Most people live their lives in the top layer or two, unaware of the deeper dynamics driving their circumstances.

The five layers of truth

  1. 1
    circumstantial truth  our circumstances, taken at face value—considered to be just random chaos, a matter of bad/good luck, or just the way things are.
  2. 2
    subjective truth  what we make those circumstances mean about us—we’re not good enough, a success/failure, important/unimportant, deserving/undeserving, lovable/unlovable etc.
  3. 3
    objective truth  what those circumstances really represent—a reflection of what is missing or distorted in us, and of the power of our beliefs to generate our personal reality.
  4. 4
    purposeful truth  what we are being called upon to do, in the face of challenges, where they are designed to take us, once we understand what they really represent—the physical manifestations of our thoughts (which are electrical), and our emotions (which are magnetic)—and how to consciously re-program our minds and engage our higher faculties to generate the outcomes we seek.
  5. 5
    essential truth  recognition of our true essence as creators, beings of consciousness and an integral part of the living cosmos with direct access to universal intelligence and its infinite possibilities. 

When we understand the deeper truth, we can make sense of a world that seems to have gone mad. We begin to understand what is really going on, beyond the corruption, political spin and misinformation. We can discern truth from lies; we can interpret the symptoms of crises and challenges; and we can use those challenges to transform and upgrade our lives. We can make sense of relationship issues, health challenges, career or money problems, and whatever else prevents us from thriving as we are designed to do.

Parenting our children and ourselves

Our children inherit our ‘missing pieces’—crucial formative qualities (such as acceptance, respect, validation and emotional honesty) that we failed to have cultivated in us, due to early negative conditioning. Those qualities are glaringly absent in our society of divisive conflict and condemnation. Now, with our backs against the wall, we are being pushed to parent ourselves and our children in loving, compassionate, empowered ways—to make ourselves whole by filling in our ‘missing pieces’ and starting to powerfully attract the loving, respectful, enriching world we all want.

If our children are subjected to dangerous medical procedures, we must strive to fortify them with positively empowered healthy thoughts and emotions—not weaken them with our fears. We must lead by example, demonstrating and embodying all of those fortifying qualities that we missed out on, growing up, which is exactly what has taken us all to this place of sanitized subservience.

That is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and our children, people and planet.